U.S. spy plane following the Chinese ships in disputed SEA

U.S. spy plane following the Chinese ships in disputed SEA
Reconnaissance aircraft P-3 Orion U.S. Navy often fly over disputed areas of the South China Sea that are claimed by the Philippines, China, and are watching the Chinese ships stationed there, reported on Thursday a news portal GMA News referring to the statement of Philippine Foreign Minister Albert del Rosario (Albert del Rosario).

«I believe it is essential for us: we are interested in the situation in our exclusive economic zone, on our continental shelf, and we want to know whether there have been any invasion there,» — said the Minister.

Responding to a question about whether these do not contradict the statements Washington flights neutrality in maritime dispute, del Rosario recalled the U.S. and the Philippines signed a treaty on mutual defense. «I believe that in a similar context, they (the planes) have a right to be there. It also occurs as we wish they were there — and let us draw the line on this, «- concluded the Minister, also announced its intention to purchase their own country, the U.S. or another two warships.

As stated by one and a half months back the Philippine President Benigno Aquino, in the coming five years to lure spendest immense program from modernizing their armed forces 1.74 billion dollars. Philippines do not claim other people’s areas, but want to vigorously pursue their reverence for their «area, the rights and dignity,» the Head of State highlighted. Though Aquino did not call directly or 1st potential enemy of the Philippines, observers believe that his speech was addressed first to Beijing due to the worsening in the near future dispute between with 2 countries on the South China Sea.

What is the essence of the territorial dispute

On location in the South China Sea archipelago Nansha (Spratly) group of islands also Xisha (Paracel Islands) and Zhongsha absolutely or partially claimed by 5 countries — China, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and Brunei. In Beijing, this area is considered the exclusive economic zone of China in the area of ​​3 million square miles. In June last year the decision of the State Council was created Sansha city, under whose jurisdiction the merged into the general difficulties of more than 200 small islands and two million square kilometers adjacent waters.

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