Ul.Arlov: My heroes worked on me — as a person and as a writer

Heroes in the midst of the book "Names of Liberty" a huge number of people whose fates are linked with the Vitebsk region. It is internationally recognized painter Drozdovich Isaac, founder of the Belarusian theater Ignat Buynitsky, eminent writers Vasil Bykov and Vladimir Korotkevich also contemporaries writer Vladimir Orlov and his readers — Anatoly Konopelko poet, painter Leonid Borozna, a member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Vladimir Pleschenko.
According to the views of the Chairman of the Vitebsk Regional Council TBM Navumchyk Joseph, these people, who have already passed away, certainly deserves to be the heroes of the book. After all, they have become the heroes of the Belarusian history.
"It was a true case of Belarusian workers — says I.Navumchyk. — And our advice BLS conducts current presentation to the same so that at the moment strongly little published literature that would demonstrate the real history of Belarus. About any patriotic education can not walk and talk, when we do not know is these and hundreds and hundreds of names of those who were involved in the Belarusian case. "
During this meeting with the Vitebsk readers will hear those pages from the book "Names of Freedom" dedicated viteblyanam. This writer says Vladimir Orlov:
"On the one I was personally acquainted with other time threw me for a century or even two. Heroes books became as famous personalities whose names are already in the encyclopedia, and those who have been known except in the narrow circle of his own family, friends and associates. But these people — and those and others — went through my fate. And worked on me as a writer, as a person. It is those who expect freedom, fought for it, suffered and died very often. "
Presentation at Vitebsk organizers invited relatives and close local heroes book "Names of Liberty."
According to the plan, Vladimir Orlov, following the presentation of his book will be held in Grodno, and later he again implies arrive in Vitebsk region in Dergachevsky area — it wants to visit all the places of which are based on people whose names he believes "it is freedom."
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