V. Portnikov: Orange coalition survive at least several months

Tsigankov: "The results of parliamentary elections in Ukraine have summarized, but it seems that one of the big sensation — this is a good result of Yulia Tymoshenko, who collected, according to preliminary figures, more than 30 percent. It is much larger than predicted by sociologists. How can explain such success? "
"Tymoshenko has performed with slogans that unite and grandmother and grandmother from Donetsk to Lviv"
Portnikov: "Dear friends, I do not see here a special sensation. I just read the other day the election that the election campaign Yulia Tymoshenko was totally different from the Party of Regions and companies Our Ukraine. Customers continued to fight on their own regional areas, afraid to run across the distinction between East and West , put forward slogans only exciting regional electorate. And Yulia Tymoshenko did not go to the dreaded area of Regions Party — you can almost say that it made the company, which connected voedinyzhdy huge part of the population of Ukraine. We need to realize that there are slogans that are combined and grandmother from Donetsk and grandmother to Lviv. "
Tsigankov: "It seems so simple. But why other political forces do not act? "
Portnikov: "Just as Yulia Tymoshenko — a professional politician. It can realize the mood of the electorate, to which it is oriented, it can change your business and change accents matter before which audience it serves. Immediately I wish to say that I am not a supporter of Yulia Tymoshenko, I did not vote for it. But do not create such trivial abilities of this policy and how it changes — it’s just a blind eye to the exact factor Ukrainian political process. Let the politicians turn a blind eye, why we journalists should it mattersTh? "
Klaskouski: "Indeed, politics has a huge role charismatic role of favorite. It alone for yourself romantic standards "orange revolution" fade — obviously is a tough fight, work other reasons are more pragmatic. But the fact that Yulia Tymoshenko is very professional and impressively able to communicate their ideas, the ideas of democracy, the choice of Ukraine Euro — here she should pay tribute. And the whole team had worked very creative.
Still stands out that Yulia Tymoshenko is praklyamavanne — consistent. After Yanukovych obliged to maneuver. It for status Russian language, then began issuing of euro itself such a fan (probably spin doctors recommended). But it came out awkwardly. Ultimately, he could even lose part of their former electorate. "
"Orange coalition will stand less than a few months"
Tsigankov "Our Ukraine and Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc together collect more than 45 percent. Can I have at the moment read that Yushchenko and Tymoshenko ready to make a coalition? "
Portnikov: "I am quite sure that even if the Orange coalition and is suddenly created, it prytrymaetstsa if not a few weeks, a few months. At BYT and Our Ukraine very different economic interests. Our Ukraine — it is right-wing liberal party, in general, Viktor Yushchenko — far right politician in Ukraine. Party of Regions also protects the interests of big business and they can call pravapapulistskay force. Natural coalition would be the Party of Regions, Our Ukraine and the Lytvyn Bloc. matter what other coalition will not be viable and will sustain the newcomer to severe political crisis and new elections now not only parliamentary, and presidential elections.
If Viktor Yushchenko is not political suicide, hemakes all likely to Yulia Tymoshenko became prime minister and could not participate in the presidential elections. If it is not, the Yulia Tymoshenko becomes president, and all supporters of Viktor Yushchenko will lose their belonging and disappear from the political scene so quickly that we forget about their existence and the existence of the third president of the country. "
Tsigankov "Vitaly, you really prove that you are not a supporter of Yulia Tymoshenko. But here is our political analyst, perfectly recognizable to you Alexander Fyaduta assume that if Yushchenko will not go to a coalition with the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, he will get impeachment "
Portnikov: "I think that the president generally difficult situation. We thought he had won when he declared snap elections, but not so simple. We should proceed from the usual fact — there is a struggle of exporters and importers in the Ukrainian business, and the main political forces represent the interests of different groups. How do we reconcile these interests, I do not know. "
Klaskouski: "On the one hand, I agree that there remain strong contradictions between BYuT and" Our Ukraine. "But on the other hand, the Party of Regions — this is not the whole structure, there is also a huge internal contradictions.
For all that is possible to behold some progress, the parties still seek to find compromises. See, for example, they agreed not to specify the results of these elections. I think that will work here pragmatic reasons — politicians understand that the electorate slightly tired and wants stability. Therefore, it will search for a certain balance. But what he will unbalanced — well, for democracy has to pay. It’s better than silence cemetery. "
Official Minsk will be combined with at least some of the Kiev coalition against Moscow
Tsigankov "What the coalition government in Kiev more profitable and suitable Belarus?"
Portnikov: "For Lukashenko was profitable orange coalition. Indeed, he will be able to maneuver between Moscow and Kiev, to speculate on their conflicts remember about himself as a more reliable route for energy and so on."
Klaskouski "official Minsk, of course, there is not much difference. Coupled with that energy pressure Moscow to find impartial forces of collaboration and cooperation with Ukraine. Remember last year, when Yanukovych was very strong, Lukashenko press conference gathers Ukrainian journalists and states about the need to unite with Ukraine against the energy dictates of Moscow. Regardless of the particular configuration we litsezreem evolution foreign policy official Minsk, searches them new alliances in the confrontation imperial pressure. "

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