Vaclav Havel: I do not know who will be followed by the President of the Czech Republic, but Belarusian — Milinkevich

Unlike meetings at which open a discussion of human rights, freedom of aspects in its distribution in different cultures — the atmosphere was festive. Quiet orchestra played, I saw that some forum members had to change business suit for an evening. There already served champagne.
Came Vaclav Havel, and when the founder of the award Mark Ellenbogen already asked for a sluggish day Havel say a few words about Milinkevich, the last Czech president and founder of the Forum in 2000 briefly replied "I do not know who will be followed by the President of the Czech Republic, but Belarusian — Milinkevich."
Then Mark Ellenbogen told attendees biographies Milinkevich and Paul Sevyarinets. The latter is a lot of read and Milinkevich. By the way, on the shield of the two winners were named.
In his speech Milinkevich said that this award all Belarusian democracy, for which so courageously fighting Seviarynets. And all the people who feel European in truly European country. And mentioned recognizable people of Belarus. Namely, Dostoyevsky, Shostakovich, Adam Mickiewicz, and I saw the smile on the podium Adam Michnik. Later in the interview Freedom Michnik highly appreciated Milinkevich, saying that it’s a real European politician.
Now handed Prize was established in 2000 in honor of Mark Elenbogenom mom Gano, who grew up in post-war Germany, and gave life to uniting people. By the way, in 2003 became the winner of Vaclav Havel, and he gave his prize to the editor "Nasha Niva"Andrei Dynko. This tradition — share with others. Also in the midst of the laureates were Madeleine Albright, Milos Forman, Lord Robertson.
Let me remind you, now Milinkevich met with former U.S. Secretary of State Albright, and she in his own keynote address, said that the United States will support the favorites that can guarantee democracy in Belarus. And among them named Milinkevich.
Yesterday in an interview with Czech television Madeleine Albright said that in subsequent elections will support Hillary Clinton.

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