Vadim Popov was elected chairman of the House of Representatives

Comments for election Vadim Popov — later on our website and in the air

Vadim Popov
Born July 5, 1940.
Higher Education.
Worked as a teacher of the vocational school, was director of the farm Krasnopolye Kalinin district, Mogilev region, worked in various positions in the Komsomol and the PBC.
Worked as general director of the municipal production» association "Magilevablagrapratehsnab", OAO "Agrapramservis" Mogilev region, First Deputy Minister, Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus.
Member of the House of Representatives State Assembly of the second convocation.
Was chairman of the House of Representatives second convocation.
Member of the House Representatives of the third convocation.
Until the election of the chairman House of Representatives was unchanged Governors Commission on international affairs and relations with the CIS.

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