Vasily detained Siliverstov

V.Siliversta arrested when he came to the house of his own mother in Yelsk
At this point, four police officers — Captain Sergienko serun lieutenant and two police officers who refused to identify themselves — took him to deliver to the police.
After, Vasily Siliverstov said that "Freedom", the police took away his mobile phone and the line went dead.
Earlier, Interior Ministry officials called Siliverstov mom and asked whether the offspring is going to go to Minsk on "European march".

• Basil Siliverstov wishes to appeal to the Constitutional Tribunal, 24.09.2007 • Liquidator Basil Siliverstov watchmen Lukashenko was taken to the infirmary Rechitsky, 22.09.2007 • V.Siliverst: "We must return to the doctor Bandazheuski Belarus", 29.08.2007 • Basil Siliverstov ended hunger strike , 27.08.2007 • V.Siliverst: "The liquidators in Belarus is one of the great" 27.04.2007

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