Victims of Stalinism willing to lay flowers to the bullpen KGB

The letter expressed the hope that a group of 10 people to come to allow the bullpen with candles and flowers memorial to perform the action. The group comes and pensioner Vladimir Romanovsky, born in the dungeons of the Gulag.
In an interview with Radio nashmau sovereign Romanovsky said:
"I consider it my duty, especially at the moment when my mom died, how you can contribute to preserving the memory of Stalin’s victims. And pass this memory descendants. After all, life points — it should be done.
And although in a letter to the chairman of the KGB, we remember the specific date of execution on Actually this place is not one weaving killed people. To forget about it is unreal. "
• City dump may seem on the site of Stalin’s shootings, 07.02.2007

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