Victor Hursik: I do not deny the Holocaust

Kalinowski: "Good day, Victor, what prompted you to write this book?"
Hursik "My journalistic role here is limited — only as a technical artist. Necessary to pay tribute to himself drazhnentsy, and first, Nikolai Ivanovich Petrovsky — the main witness of the disaster. In-2, I would have thanked gone from us medic Historical Sciences Vladimir Lemeshenko managing compilation books "Memory", and that is very worked on me, telling that the guerrillas were in fact ".
Kalinowski: "Briefly remind listeners that still left in the village Drazhna April 14, 1943?"
Hursik: "Was the Passover, it was 4:00 am when around the village, which was a police garrison, the shooting started. Guerrillas second time started their own bestalantny coming. Manages them 21-year-old man from Leningrad, Lieutenant Sergei Ivanov. Over two kilometers in the forest began to shoot guerrilla guns, shells could not reach 200-300 meters to the village (this is indicated in the partisan report.) Part policemen lived in homes they zbeglisya the fortified area, which was created around the local school. place his seven bunkers, and such makarom, they were ready to meet the guerrillas. Clearly, after such training, police beat was just unreal. About an hour guerrillas attacked police bunkers and beheld that take them unrealistic. Then razvyarnulisya guerrillas and burned 37 houses and destroyed 25 civilian inhabitants. At the same time, this is largely or entirely were young people aged. In the book they say eyewitnesses, as it happened — as thrown into the fire together with the children how to shoot, how to cut. "
Kalinowski: "Later in the report guerrilla commander wrote about 271 killed …"
Hursik: "On Actually, deal fairly normal, because the report was fed up — because recorded possible more. This registry … In fact, the police garrison consisted of 79 people. And no one policeman was killed. And in the midst of the guerrillas, according to the most modest estimates, killed 13 people. This is according to the documents. I think that they were killed even more. A peaceful inhabitants were killed 25 people. "
Kalinowski: "You spoke to witnesses of the catastrophe that you mention more impressed?"
Hursik: "I was struck by predation and the wrath of those who made this dark matter. Had read about it all the witnesses. For example, in the pit under the potato family sits» I got married, the young man and woman. Ran up and shot two unarmed men. Thrown into an old flame lady with a child. At the head of Ivan Petrovsky eyewitness at the sight of a knife stabbed mom. Sister raised Komsomol card to click "I Komsomol, after all you are doing?" They shot her ".
Kalinowski: "Is there any reaction of the authorities, veterans’ organizations on your book?"
Hursik: "Ivan Petrovsky wrote a letter to the Minsk Regional Executive Committee for permission to install a memorial symbol at the crash site. Here I am going to read a line from the response that he received:" Your ancestors who perished in this period, buried in the cemetery civilians. Stand on Their graves gravestones — Their memory is perpetuated in accordance with the civil-Christian traditions. "Well, how’s a person to read it? His father died in general partisans. Mom guerrillas killed themselves. And what man has himself put on the grave monument mother, it Tipo, evidence that the government has fulfilled its own debt … This is the height of cynicism. And then he wrote this: "We inform to you that, in the area of Starye Dorogi delivered 92 Casualties of War Monument in including Village in Podorese — two monument, which can come in praznichnye and in days of mourning and honor the memory of his own family and all the dead fellow. "
Kalinowski: "In your book are the names of Governors partisan brigades, who ran the liquidation of the village — and Lapidus Ivanov, a Russian Jew. And you blame, respectively, in the anti-Russian or anti-Semitic sentiments?"
Hursik: "These questions I have been asked and the Web. During 1-x, I wish to say that the guerrilla movement — the phenomenon of multi-valued. As for nationalities, I brought them because it appears in documents. I really did not want anything to highlight. Indeed, if the fifth squad named Kutuzov on the documents listed as Jewish and lists many Jews there, and I brought. Jews and suitably responded — uttered that I antisemite that inflates any company, even accused that I do not recognize the Holocaust. I wish to say that the village Daraganava — where I soon lived, too, was a catastrophe of the Holocaust. There I am in collaboration with local authorities and schools all the same promulgated these facts, and in the end a monument was erected on the site of the shooting 83 Jewish children. It does not matter, I do not deny the Holocaust. "

Victor Hursik ’54. Born at the railway station Vborak, Osipovichy district, partisan edge. He graduated from Polytechnic Institute. Working as a journalist, writes on economic topics. UCP member, one of the founders of the party. Member of the Union of Writers of running A.Pashkevicha. My publisher. Published about 140 books. Among them Belarusian partisan book "In the woods near Gordyankoy." Is the creator of 3-documentary books: "Magdalena Radziwill. Whitewashed swan in glory," "Catastrophe snowy Guard" (about the time of Constantine Kalinowski) "Blood and ashes Drazhna."

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