Viktor Ivashkevich remains free until Protocols for

About the structure of the street Ostroshitsky GEN 7, where the judge’s office Pershamaiski district Yuri Gorbatovsky gathered about 2-10-s people.
Among them salting Sweden Stefan Eriksson, journalists, human rights activists, relatives and associates Ivashkevich.
Recall, he was detained along with Valery Ukhnalev, chairman of the organizing committee of the "Public march" on the porch of the cafe "El Tomato" where they celebrated day of birth Ivashkevicha.
The commandos took them first in sobering-up station where the video was conducted. Viktor Ivashkevich said that the detention is an attempt to disrupt the mass action.
Valeria Ukhnalev released, and on Ivashkevich up a protocol "for distributing leaflets in the midst of employees of regional management Interior. " The basis for such recordings became flyers "Euro march" that have found in the knapsack Ivashkevicha.
Viktor Ivashkevich said "Freedom" while awaiting trial:
"This is a sample of small provocations is not completely clear purpose. I think, that they did not know why do. Delay for flyers? .. So, excuse me, at the outlet of BPF and take away Ivashkevicha Sadi for the company … For some reason, do some street ambush. By the authorities some frivolous item — no dialogue, no reprisals, and that anyhow. "
Referee Yuri Gorbatovsky long consulted by telephone. Immediately telephone conversations with management led police escorting Ivashkevich. In the end, the detainee said that the protocol was sent back for revision, and released.

"The authorities some frivolous item — no dialogue, no reprisals, and horrible."

"I think that all the police decide not to, not the arbitrator, and those with whom they now call up so long. At what level the decision directly to me, I do not know. But the fact there, where the decision is a final decision yet, "- says Victor Ivashkevich.
The police officer said no Ivashkevich about deficiencies in the record, nor of the subsequent meeting.
Observers believe that the Tribunal likely first held in October, in order to isolate the chairman of the organizing committee for the preparation and conduct "Euro march."
Meanwhile times a day delay new European distributors symbolism and information materials about the campaign.
In Minsk bullpen Akrestsin Street arrest already serving six activists of the democratic movement.
• Ivashkevich will be judged for some flyers for the European March, 26.09.2007

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