Vitebsk accomplished presentation of books by Vladimir Orlov Names of Freedom

Ul.Arlov: "Heroes of the book became as famous personalities whose names are already in the encyclopedia, and those who have been known except in the narrow circle of his own relatives, friends and associates. But these people — from one cohort. Those who waited freedom, fought for it, suffered and died very often. "
In the book "Names of Liberty" includes essays about the natives of Vitebsk. Stories fate of the famous artist Jazepa Drozdovich famous writer Vasil Bykov Anatoly Konopelko Vitebsk poet, a member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Vladimir Pleschenko voiced during the current presentation.
Copies signed by the creator got relatives heroes book.
Natalia Pleschenko, daughter of the famous Vitebsk opposition
Several books have been transferred to the Belarusian Academic Theatre Kolas. Several actors, "kolasovtsev" and director Valery Masliukov also became heroes of books by Vladimir Orlov.
Head of the literary part of the theater Svetlana Dashkevich
The presentation of the book came several 10-s inhabitants of Vitebsk. In a small office had to put extra chairs and benches, and even then not everyone could fit — someone had a chance to listen to and watch from the corridor. But for 2 hours, how many continued meeting, no one left.
Spectators. Left in the front row — Mrs. Svetlana, the widow of the poet Anatoly Konopelko — 1st book of heroes "Names of Liberty"
Vitebsk’s oldest opposition leader Boris Khamaida Vladimir Orlov expressed gratitude to the famous Myron. He said: "From the credible sources, I understand that Miron admires your creativity. This book is a historical basis for the following classes of shares."
After the meeting, everyone could get autographs Vladimir Orlov. In this book "Names of Freedom" has become a rarity in Vitebsk — many of those present expressed a wish that has been issued an extra edition.
Writer longs its readers happiness, fortune, and the first — Liberty
Names of Liberty — your choice
Who do you want to include in the book "The Names of Freedom"?
Give me the names, tell about the people you know involved in the freedom and independence of Belarus and whose life is worthy of mention and honor.
Please contact us at the address:
Minsk 220005 mailbox 111
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