Vyachorka: former does not happen

"At the service, in which Putin was growing up, there is a saying: the former does not happen. I think Putin is the sovereign rule perfectly mastered, and that the real control over all spheres of life, and he is a wheel that puts it, got, let go is not collected.
Because, apparently, has long been coined such move, which became a sudden only for the 10-s of millions of ordinary people of. It was developed in an atmosphere of great secrecy in the depths of the real circle of Russian rulers.
As for Belarus, will continueXia policy paddocks Lukashenko in a corner from which it will give to force Russian levers of economic control over Belarus. It’s not safe. "
S.Byalkovski: "Putin has decided to stay. On the third, fourth, fifth time", 2.10.2007 • "Voluntarily leave the post — not in the Russian tradition", 2.10.2007

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