WAR IN SYRIA AND fifth-generation fighter

WAR IN SYRIA AND fifth-generation fighter
Independent professional in the industry of national security Lauren Thompson (Loren Thompson) published June 3 in the online version of Forbes magazine article, «The war in Syria indicates why the U.S. needs a fighter fifth generation» (War In Syria Highlights Why US Needs Fifth-Gen Fighters ).
… U.S. and its allies may impose a no-fly zone over Syria, as they did during the wars in Iraq and Libya, and this underlines the importance of having the opportunity to «robust» fighter fifth generation. At the moment, the U.S. Air Force and its allies equipped fighters of the previous generation, which the Syrian anti-aircraft missiles can shoot down in the battle for control of the air space.
Such safely set aside for the second plan, the Pentagon, in the last 10 years waging war with the movement «Taliban», which has no air defense and air. But now the focus of military planning must move in the direction counter to countries with so-called integrated air defense system, such as China, Iran, North Korea and Syria.
Svehzvukovye maneuverable front fighters are the main means of suppressing enemy air defenses. U.S. and its allies may incur loss languid in Syria if the country has recently received the most advanced Russian S-300. These systems are designed to combat classical Western air strategy. Last week, an expert of the International Institute for Strategic research in an interview with «Radio Liberty» expressed the view that EW equipment hardly fail to neutralize S-300.
In the war against Syria will be difficult to use drones or cruise missiles to destroy mobile SAMs that can catch them. S-300 is a mobile system implements a combat deployment is only 5 minutes, and therefore for their liquidation required manned combat aircraft that can receive information from the «continuous upgrading». But these aircraft must possess a great survivability, because C-300 able to track up to 100 targets at once and fire 10s of them on a range of 100 miles.
This factor brings me to the idea of ​​using fighter fifth generation. In many years, South American fighters learned how to use new technologies, such as smart bombs and digital flight control system. 5th generation fighter has advanced combat skills, stealth technology allow them to be heavily detectable, engines and new materials allow for a higher maneuverability, new sensor systems provide the highest level of pilots «comprehensive» situational awareness.
Our pilots can create the enemy, but the enemy they can not see the. Even if the enemy sees them, small radar and thermal signature stealth aircraft make very heavy shelling and their support. Advanced stealth technology, coupled with high-precision instrument and the highest level of situational awareness will help to suppress enemy air defenses for a few days.
Yet, the only combat-ready fighter fifth generation is the only F-22 (185 units). The plan is to saturate the least expensive military aircraft fighters fifth generation F-35.
F-35 will go to the Air Force, Navy and U.S. Marine Corps in the «affordable package.» Although this aircraft maneuverability no F-22, in some areas of its board electronics exceeds the one that is installed on the predecessor. The problem is that the F-35 does not come into operation until 2015, when it will be necessary to suppress the Syrian air defense lately. Perhaps much of this work will fulfill fighters fourth generation.
Good news is that Syria will not be able to get the S-300 from Russia until the end of this year, will still need some time for its development Syrian calculations. The bad news is that these advanced defensive technologies lately may seem in unfriendly countries, or by supplies from Russia or China will be able to copy them and pass to rogue states like North Korea.
South American military, especially the Navy, had spent significant efforts to give fighters fourth generation ability to fight with a built-in defense. For example, a carrier-based fighter F/A-18 Super Hornet resettled by some stealth technologies, which, coupled with the modern means of electronic warfare and best strategy may well beat with a day or hazards present. But, unfortunately, there are no methods to reincarnate fighters fourth generation to fifth in terms of stealth.
The main reason is that the glider board electronics and power plant unobtrusive first combat aircraft must be designed with stealth technology to get the best result. If the Pentagon will continue its policy of acquiring aircraft immediately as 5th and 4th generation fighters «old generation» will not be able to perform their tasks in the fight against a strong defense. This policy undermines the concentration of efforts and resources to create a fighter fifth generation, to make them available to our allies.
Some enthusiasts believe the Air Force. that the U.S. should buy more F-22 fighters, the creation of which was closed by decision of former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates (Robert Gates) in 2009. Review of this decision would be very wasteful thing if purchase only a few hundred cars. So Makar, a practical choice comes down to two things only — only purchase the F-35 or to continue purchasing mixed fighter fleet fourth and fifth generations, before the creation of old types of fighters will not be terminated.
In the near term, the older generation aircraft look more affordable, but they have some major powers the F-35. The problem is that in places like Syria, they may suffer loss languid. Price F-35 will not rise until the creation increases, and will even decrease. If you put at the forefront factor stealth and combat effectiveness, you will understand why the three kinds of the U.S. armed forces and a dozen foreign partners are committed to purchasing the F-35 as a promising fighter.

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