Week in Belarus in photo, September 30 — October 5

September 30. Gathering against cancellation of privilegesOAB in Vitebsk
October 2. Businessmen strike in Minsk
Outraged entrepreneurs seek out the truth
For businessmen conducted operational videzdymki
Head of the department of business Mingorispolkom Alexander Kalinowski responds to questions from participants strike
Alexander Kalinowski tries to close the camera lens Liberty correspondent
Entrepreneurs about "parking" — now strike
One of the favorites of entrepreneurs’ movement Alyaksandr Makaeu
All booths in the "parking lot" is now not working
October 2. Entrepreneurs Slonim markets stopped work
October 2. Businessmen strike in Vitebsk
Shopping center "EVIC": virtually all closed, traders NO
On the "Smolensk" empty
October 2. Representatives of the democratic forces handed over House of Representatives 40 thousand signatures against cancellation of privileges
October 2. Tribunal over public activists from Borisov in Minsk
Svetlana Gorokhovik
Driven convicts to serve their sentences
October 2. Home renovation old bridge in Grodno
October 3. Press conference organizers "Euro march" in BPF
October 3. Russian party "United Our homeland" is campaigning in Minsk
Russian propaganda bus in the center of the Belarusian capital. Russian propaganda tour in Minsk.
October 4. Gardens bloom in the Vitebsk region
October 4. In Minsk stores — difficulties with supplies of milk
In Minsk store "Raubichi" in the first half of the saleswoman exhibited in the window yesterday’s milk from 2-boxes. On display — everything has a shop
In store "Zarina" milk in packages already sold. Pensioner left only drink from whey
October 5. Alexei Marochkin returned chapel in Kurapaty Forest
Broken signboard attached to a pine tree
So looked chapel
Alexei Marochkin changes desecrated icon of Our Mothers near the chapel in Kurapaty
Memorial bench, which established the U.S. president, amazed
New crosses in Kurapaty Forest
October 5. Presentation of books by Vladimir Orlov "Names of Freedom" in Vitebsk region
At a meeting in Novopolotsk autograph to the creator was a tremendous turn
During the presentation in Polotsk at one point the lights went out. Meeting with readers lasted at vaskovkah lighted lanterns and portable
Polotsk readers threw creator issues
Presentation: "Names of Freedom" in Rositsa
Writers Vladimir Orlov and Irena Zharnasiek in place Rositskay disaster. In February 1943, more than half invaders eliminated thousand inhabitants of the village
Ul.Arlov: "Heroes of the book became as famous personalities whose names are already in the encyclopedia, and those who have been known except in the narrow circle of his own relatives, friends and associates. But these people — from one cohort. Those who waited freedom, fought for it, suffered and died very often. "
Natalia Pleschenko, daughter of the famous Vitebsk opposition
Head of the literary part of the theater Svetlana Dashkevich
Spectators. Left in the front row — Mrs. Svetlana, the widow of the poet Anatoly Konopelko — 1st book of heroes "Names of Liberty"
Writer longs its readers happiness, fortune, and the first — Liberty

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