What are the results of business strikes?

October 2 strike individual entrepreneurs who protest against the presidential decree number 760. Who is right in this conflict — the power or entrepreneurs?
What will strike? What are the prerequisites split entrepreneurial movement?
Who is right in the conflict of authorities and businessmen?
Valery Karbalevich: "In Belarus held another strike personal business. They protest against the presidential decree number 760, prohibiting the use of employees — not counting relatives.
According to the organizers of the strike, was attended by about 30 thousand people. Conflict between the authorities and individual entrepreneurs davneshny. Every year there are presidential decrees or government regulations that restrict the rights of businessmen. Those responsible protest.
Certainly, this conflict has a deeper reason. Municipal bureaucrats say market traders — a transitional form of the development of commercial business.
In all statesah, which runs from socialism to a market economy, this step has long passed. This business has turned into larger organizational forms.
In Belarus ist step zamarozivsya and the authorities are trying to artificially push the transition to a more "civilized" forms of business.
Bureaucrats believe that the economic effect of the private unitary enterprise even more personal than business. What do you say about this? "
Alexander Taustyka: "We happened on Tuesday holiday-strike. I do not know of research on which the authorities say about the ineffectiveness of personal business. If they register as private unitary enterprises, then immediately be burdened by a huge amount of taxes.
Surprisingly then, authorities is focused on the effectiveness of personal business at that preserve and maintain a huge amount of municipal unprofitable companies. "
Karbalevich "Mr. Romanchuk, what do you say to the argument officials that if these products are sold in the markets sold through supermarkets, the municipal budget would receive more money from taxes, than presently?"
Yaroslav Romanchuk: "In the 90 years of the last century, when the socialist system collapsed, private entrepreneurs from scratch already own a business that has permitted large numbers of people to survive. Our authorities they say that the transition period is over.
That would be correct with respect to States that have fulfilled the transition to a market economy (Estonia, Poland, Lithuania and other). In Belarus, none of this happened. Read because of the expiration of the transition period in Belarus — abracadabra.
In Asia, Latin America, such forms of trading business, are presently practiced in Belarus, has for decades. Even in the U.S. saved such excellent shape. And no one — neither the president nor the governor — does not occur to such business associate efficiency with the efficiency of companies.
I deny the state the right to determine that there is an effective business. This case every entrepreneur. If it’s really tight interested power, then why do not they pay attention to municipal enterprises, among which half are ineffective?
This conflict monopolies aligapoliyav under the roof of the country that built supermarkets and seek to kill opponents. And as a result of thousands of people will lose jobs. I am confident that with the implementation of the decree number 760 government will lose more than gain the municipal budget.
200 thousand businessmen plus their families, plus employees — at least 400 thousand people fed from this business. If you kill him, thousands of people go into a state of economic emigration, will go abroad. And they will not pay taxes.
Need to do monotonous for all taxes. Then there is no question, in any form to work — in the form of personal or business in the form of a unitary enterprise. And then there will be conflict. "
What are the prerequisites split entrepreneurial movement?
Karbalevich: "Now the country about 200 thousand private businessmen. Participated in the strike 30 thousand. Moreover, those businessmen who trade in the markets. Those entrepreneurs who work in other areas, do not participate in this movement.
Peraregistruetstsa to form a unitary enterprise quite a small part of business. What they expect is scheduled to get out of this situation? "
Taustyka: "200 thousand individual entrepreneurs — this figure is formal rather than real. This list is a lot of people that do not work. Further, there are many sellers who are decorated as individual entrepreneurs.
There are markets, for example, shopping center "Impulse", which were built for the Arab capital funds. There strikes do not occur. "
Karbalevich: "What can be the way out of this situation? Authorities concessions go are not going to cancel the presidential decree number 760 is not planned. Private entrepreneurs are also not going to run across in the form of personal unitary enterprise.
And what next? Daylight grayish schemes, registration of employees as SP? "
Romanchuk: "Grayish schemes have been and will be. Unless entrepreneurial movement will be consolidated, all business associations speak with one voice — then the authorities will hear them.
If said decree will take effect from next year, I think, the authorities will not do much to push it. Because of the explosion of discontent will be afraid of personal business. "
Karbalevich: "Why there is no unity in the entrepreneurial movement? Several organizations claim the right to represent the interests of private business.
Here, for example, managing a public organization "Perspective" Shumchanka opposed the strike. He believes that this form of combat ineffective, that are more effective meetings and petitions. "
Taustyka: "How in the state, society, there is no unity, and in the midst of business. Past holiday strike showed that there is unity in the midst of a real business.
Regarding Shumchanka, he has a lot of petitions submitted to the authorities. And what of it? Surprising that members of his team have tried to interfere with the strike. "
Karbalevich "So makarom, even taking the stand power and believes that trade in the market — step out of the world trade business, the transition to it must occur in a natural way, using incentives, and not under the influence of the administrative burden. "

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