What is taught in opposition Novapolatsk courts?

Online newspaper from Novopolotsk Ximik.info analyzes results trials local activists Valery Shevchenko, Igor Anton and Sukhorukova Yasinovich. These processes occurred yesterday, September 25th. Case differed in that for the first time in Belarus lured to administrative responsibility for violation of the order a review of MPs. Managing Internet project Andrei Alexandrov saw this story and didactic point for the democratic forces.
"The authorities track down those who are against it, and in this case found the formal pretext for repression, as was used revocation mechanism of Deputies, which is not provided for by law. This must signal for all activists. They need to be treated more skillfully and intently to his own business. "
How to survive the person whose house burned down and no relatives to which can be at least for the winter to move? "Narodnaya Volya" delves emergency resident of the village for example Dyatlovo Grodno region. Article colleagues Leonardo Yurgilevich is journalist Koktysh.
"The article is called" Garushchaya. "It about the fate of the lady whose house burned down, and she had lived for a long time in the slums. On how she prepared food for themselves as winter escaped from frost. And how it representative of the local authorities arrived, she saw what criteria and lives … has promoted her latest build a hut. "
Issue of "Brest Courier" for September 26, disclosed report from the meeting of businessmen who recently passed at the local stadium. In the regional center has several thousand businessmen gathered at a rally of about two hundred small businesses, and this activity was enough to talk about the positive results, says editor Nikolai Alexandrov.
"What authorities allowed to hold a rally, and that adopted statement against the decree, which limits the range employed by — it all reflects the positive shifts. Report continues analytical material about the dilemmas of business, their fate. That’s the central theme of the issue came out. "
People interested in the history of his native land not only from textbooks but from the original source, Lida newspaper "Our Word" offers continued memoirs Edward Voinilovich, a favorite of the Polish-Belarusian group of deputies of the Municipal Council in Russia since Tsar Nicholas II. Let me remind you, Edward Voinilovich recognizable as sponsor Reddish known church in Minsk. Newspaper editor Stanislav Sudnik knows:
"In this part, he is aware of the differences between the crown and the deputies kresavymi. Practice at the time in the upper chamber of the first State Duma deputies from Poland, so called crown, abandoned all claims to ensure that somehow influence the actions in Belarus. Uttered: "disassemble themselves." A deputy from Belarus were all Catholics, "palshchyznu" soon supported, but sharply separated themselves from the Crown. "

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