What is the reason to close the online store?

A year earlier, the Belarusian authorities have introduced a series of rules that help keep control of Internet commerce. In order to sell the products at retail through the web, you need to make an online store. It must be website subject of trade, registered in the domain space of Belarus. With all of this domain name registration website confirmed by a document which gives Civic Center security disk imaging at the Belarusian president.
A.Muhin: "Most of them are engaged in trade illegally imported products"
A year later, the company’s CEO "BelEvroset" Ales Mukhin said 95 percent of internet shops do not meet the standards of the Belarusian legislation and can be closed:
"Most of them are not points of retail trade. If the company wishes to engage in online trading under applicable law, it shall be for a retail store before. And on its base to engage in online trading.
Most of them are engaged in trade smuggled products. Whether it’s phones or televisions, tape recorders, etc.. Under the guise of personal business acquaintances, distributors, etc..
Must be licensed to trade urazdrob, and store the address should be listed there, while in the blast zone of the second level. "
Yet in the past year, according to official disk imaging, in Belarus was about 4 hundreds of online stores. Ales Mukhin claims that their network addresses near future increases.
"Web — this is progress, it is convenience. And I understand that a person is more convenient to order a product from the comfort of home, if he knows what it did for the product. Number of online shopping does not grow, and those that are, on In fact, playing with fire in the state, peek unclear, it is not the best way characterizes the situation in our online trading.
I think, it is easier to liberalize the concept of e-commerce. And perhaps more clearly prescribe all aspects of the law, that people were they may be engaged in legitimate plane. "
Law enforcement agencies are practicing so called test purchases, as a result of which a trader may lose party product and pay a fine. But this, Ales Mukhin enough. After an experienced trader will never bring to you a 2-standards for product selection.
Ales Mukhin "worries about cell phones?"
Director Cyril portal tut.by Voloshin said that just 95 percent of Belarusian online stores can not be closed because of applicable laws. But their work has some limitations:
"Global standards in contrast to the Belarusian does not limit the shopkeepers in the store address, location. As for the shops, at the technical level, we are of them not far behind. The only thing that we have virtually no Belarusian electric shop does not accept payment by cards. This is due to the fact that none of the 1st National Bank of Belarus no license for payments via the web. "
Guests bought tut.by site once a day through online stores several hundred purchases. Others are still a huge network of stores. Cyril Voloshin says:
"There is even a category of products, the same cell phones, which, apparently, Ales Mukhin experiencing, which are sold in the main through the web."
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