Where will serve his sentence Andrei Klimov?

Came into effect sentenced Andrei Klimov, who in August issued a policy Tribunal Central Minsk. Recall Andrei Klimov was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for an article on the Web. On October 2, the Minsk City Tribunal upheld the verdict and days of opposition must be sent to the colony serious mode. But what? According to the lawyer Valentina Flyer, it can be one of the colonies in Volkovisskij, Ivatsevichy, Borisov or Mozyr regions.
"Few places can be. Novosad In, Mozyr Ivatsevichy area. But the fact, that at the moment not adhere to this. Question to the Department of Execution of Punishment. "
This institution explained to me that in some colonies Aggravated really have serious separation regime where can induce convicted. But did not say whether already made a decision on Andrei Klimov. "He writes relatives where he was sent," — said an employee of the department.
"In the area of authority of one who has shoulder straps"
More than a month no letters from a favorite "Junior Front"Dmitry Dashkevich contained in Shklou colony. Received letters ancestors activist, interrupted his correspondence with friends from the youth organization.
Than clarify this? Activist Artur already serving a sentence "chemistry" in Mogilev, does not exclude that this is due to the excitation against Dmitry new criminal case. I recall the case has got Shklovskaya police for refusing to testify Dmitry Dashkevich for other Malady. Formally, the colonies have the right to prohibit correspondence, but all can be, says Artur Finkevich.
"You know the saying," Act like pole, where you will turn, back and left. "Area — it’s a closed place, where all the power of one who has shoulder straps. Because they can make small prey throw letters, although the law does not entirely prohibit correspondence have the right to . "
Father Vyacheslav political prisoner Dashkevich believes his son going to condemn in the second time to extend the exclusion from society and fight against the regime. At another meeting with his son Tsar Dashkevich counts in December.
"If this is not politics, then what?"
In the family of Alexander Kozulin, it became clear that he wrote a letter home, but this letter has been received yet. "On the present state of health of his father we know nothing about this in the colony did not they say" — told the eldest daughter Olga policy Kozulin. For the latest information about themselves Alexander Kozulin sent home in the summer.
I asked Olga about her dismissal, which took place on the old days. Daughter policy Tipo fired for disciplinary offense, but she is convinced that led to this policy, and is going to challenge the dismissal in court.
"Since my dismissal was illegal. Enterprise director knew that my father is a political prisoner, and intentionally done so that I throw."
So says Olga Kozulin about his dismissal. Her former boss at it another look.
Tuesday, October 9th, at the meeting with Alexander Kozulin in Vitebsk colony is going to go his lawyer.
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