While on the street do not come 200 thousand people — nothing has changed

Both the opposition and the authorities in These days are preparing for the "Euro march" — a mass rally that the democratic parties and movements imply on 14 October in Minsk.
On the same topic and the many letters that come to the address "Freedom." I’ll start the conversation from the current 2-such messages.
We wrote Victor Kamenkov from Minsk:
"At the opposition rally I was walking by 1996. Later realized all worthless. Whilst on the street do not come at least 200 thousand people and yet they are not willing to stand for days, seeking its own, nothing will change.
In Belarus, 200 thousand out except in communist times, when driven at a demonstration against the will. Yes, would you like a 1990s, when the sausage has risen threefold.
Today’s intelligent power: sausage expensive every week, but gradually. And people get used to this.
On the "European march" come a few thousand people. As usual, the organizers later pull the tribunal: anyone jailed, anyone excluded from the institute, anyone fined. It’s a shame it all. "
Own eyes on the "European march" in Brest student Sergei Mikhailchuk:
"If" European march "will not a lot of people it is the fault of the organizers. Where leaflets where stickers Why nowhere opposition newspapers? Favourites opposition are sitting and doing nothing — just go abroad for conferences and meetings worthless. And should work the masses — to encourage, inspire, organize. "
Most of those runs leaflets and stickers that are meant to spread the opposition were arrested by the police. In the near future about similar incidents, we have repeatedly reported. It concerns and opposition newspapers, which in Belarus remains strong enough. And it is not because this is not taken care of by the opposition.
Our davneshny created Ales Martinovic from Baranovichi in their own new records also tries to answer the question plennastsi 2-autumn marches opposition.
Views on the listener, amid a real election campaign in adjacent Russia, Ukraine and Poland, Belarus, and if there is some intrigue, it was only around the proposed project "Successor" and may be associated with it nedavneshney Konopleva resignation of the speaker. Ales Martinovic comes to the subsequent conclusion:
"Specifically, the lack of struggle nomenklatura-oligarchic groups is ultimately an obstacle to the movement of Belarus by democracy. Indeed Belarusian government now exists in the form of one of the oligarchic groups …
Oligarchic monopoly holding "Lukashenko and son" should be split up, divide. And only oligarchic energakropki somehow manage to awaken and grayish Myagenkaya apolitical mass Belarusian abyvatalstva.’s About it and the opposition should bother — the development of the oligarchs, just was not in our own Kuchma Yeltsin.
Natural competitive oligarchic groups in Belarus will create a suitable environment for moving society forward. That’s in their own homeland and moving Our Ukraine. And to authoritarian Kazakhstan, with its raw materials are good even in the West.
Without oligarchic period of transition and pillows mitigate democracy, left alone with the people, in an attempt to reform the model of eight new EU member states in Belarusian criteria immediately get into the situation blind and dumb conversation.
If not impossible, without the oligarchycan be belarusizavats officialdom and tops (optional Ukraine). Only profitable oligarchy can promote patriotism among the masses Belarusian idea. And specifically in the form of oligarchy system monopoly holds on the surface Lukashenko interminably long — against all expectations. "
And how is this way, sire Martinovic, the current Belarusian opposition may petition for the development of new oligarchs? Write this as one of their own goals and handbills will call people on the street calling to multiply the ranks of the oligarchic bourgeoisie?
It is easy to think of how this would be reflected on the already not very high ratings opposition favorites.
Misha from Slutsk Zaleski wrote in "Freedom" to learn that the first of November in Minsk, representatives of several 10’s of the communist parties of the world gather to celebrate the anniversary of the October Revolution, which took place in Russia in 1917:
"I read this news — and felt sad, sick at heart: we neuzh again with silence and indifference of people to confirm Worldwide, Belarus Reserve became a communist?
Neuzh it will not go to the streets of thousands of young people 10-20, as seniors who have not forgotten how in 1930-1950s, the communist dictatorship repressed in Belarus for more than 700 thousand people, and another 50 thousand shot entirely in 1937-1938 ?
Do not hope that the descendants of the bloody Stalin visited Kurapaty and ask forgiveness from 10’s of thousands of people shot. Guests quickly taken away by the so-referred to as "Stalin Line" will be justified as heroic Red Army defense held there.
Although, as we know, the Nazis on the second day of the war took Minsk. A twelve days — Borisov and Orsha. Maybe the authorities have come to their senses and reconsider their disastrous for the country’s prestige consent to communist leaders and put a cordon in the way the Communist bastards? "
I do not think the emperor Zaleski that the November conference of Communist activists will be such fatal consequences for the prestige of Belarus in the world.
The level of this "prestige" and modifications formed in for long years, and under the influence of even more significant reasons than caucuses whatever was orientation.
And about Belarus as communist Reserve now do not have to read. Today’s economic rate of the Belarusian administration has not much in common with the communist standards and principles: no dictatorship of the proletariat for you or extermination of the bourgeoisie, nor a ban on private ownership of the means of production.
On the contrary, begins a period when the government was forced to pass more intensively their property, which is not able to dispose of perfectly in private hands.
Children’s doctor Igor asleep from Vitebsk to own a brand new letter talks about the current Belarusian reality and essence of the human rights movement:
"From school listening to Radio Liberty. Do not think its aggressive station. There are many people who wish our country and good stability.
I myself am a human rights activist, perhaps to an even greater extent than those who shout the squares and beating their breasts, achieving 1st — preferential visa status and dissident, and with it — and the "lifting", scholarships, grants and other.
I’m fighting legitimate ways. To change laws allowing stimulate undesirable persons on offense, and then grab and plant them. Mean different operational experiences and provocations.
Defend the rights of disadvantaged and illegally offended. A gun — the same presidential decree (in fact, very democratic, for the betterment of life.) But on the ground, they often do not work. Leave commission inspect my appeal, eliminate defects. Helping prisoners. And, of course, objectionable to someone.
I write this letter to you of Dubrovno. Focuses on a business trip as a pediatrician. Do not go here doctor. Although apartments provide modern, with all amenities. Trip voluntary-mandatory, but for me it was the best reward.
Dubrovno — a lovely town in flowers. Clean, well maintained, as in Vitebsk. Was here 10 years ago, in 1996, when a couple of BPF drove to distribute leaflets for Zeno Stanislavovitch. Then it was divided town — gryazyuka, off-road. And now blossomed as a real area of the capital. "
Are you convinced the emperor asleep, that those people who come out to put his own personal purpose only greedy interests?
You do not suppose the thought that most of them are not going to go anyw
here with their motherland, that their only goal — to achieve, so there was a decent life, in their own land?
That power has changed as a result of fair elections and not remained constant for decades, so the voices in Parliament not only those who are willing to support at least some decision of the president, whatever it was, that on a television showed not only those who and who live perfectly happy with everything?
And mind you, sire asleep: and according to the Belarusian legislation, and all international conventions it has ratified Belarus, Belarusian citizens are entitled to such protests, the demonstration of their own views and beliefs.
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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