Who has the television lottery, and who makes them?

As in Russian time in modern Belarus organizers lyatarey share the profits with the state 50-50: half of the amount goes to the prize pool, second half — in the municipal budget.
Now Municipal government lyatarey registry maintained by the Ministry of money to record more than 30 different lottery. But the main player in the market — based on the decree of Alexander Lukashenko enterprise "National Sports Lotteries" organizer "Superlato." For a couple of years, the company has caught up with and even surpassed its own main rival — "Belarusian lottery." Many of the secret of success in sees personalities attached to the case. "The state sports lottery" operates Vladislav Pyatkevich spouse deputy head of the presidential administration Natalya Pyatkevich.
In general, and "Belarusian lottery" by order of Lukashenko also subordinated to the Office of the President (previously on the balance of the Committee in the securities of the Council of Ministers). By monetary reports, last year income of these offices every month was about 2 billion rubles each.
Unhappy player: "Who knows how people win"
Dmitry Minsk dweller more than a year often buy tickets "Your Lato" and "Superlyato." Together expect ordinary math. In the year of 52 weeks, when there telerozygryshy lyatarey. The price of each ticket — a bit more bucks (and it took a few tickets). So makarom, Dmitry invested in business for at least a hundred bucks. Just do not return and the tenth part:
"It is generally charms sit in front of industry on Saturday, all busy -" means you win. "But for me, the greatest prize, if not mistaken, 8 thousand. Not bucks and rubles …"
Reporter: "And they say that others win, and well …"
"Who knows how people win. Certainly, other more in luck. Besides, the first value was one winning ticket, and later when I went to the speaker, the number of players has increased, was necessary amount of the prize fund "to scatter." They are due to any tracks made that started winning ticket in general with a small sum — I think, 1.5 thousand rubles. As in at least some program that laid a winning or losing a certain number of winning tickets. A vytyanesh you that ticket or not — possible calculate what will be the composition of numbers? "
Happy player: "unblemished luck, fortune untainted"
But Ivan Chickoon of Grodno few years ago in the "Jackpot" has won more than 200 million rubles, about 100 thousand dollars. In the entire history "Superlato" won more than just a resident Natalia Mogilev Rypinskaya — won 271 million rubles, and even two-bedroom apartment in Minsk. Scheme wealth by Chikunov such:
"It was bought tickets (two pieces), won. But we can say that I am by nature a gambler own. Since when has" Sprint "was, and it was necessary to break the ticket, look, there … "
Reporter: "So, is there a mechanism lucky ticket?"
"As to whom fate … What can recommend? Unsullied luck, fortune unblemished. Someone will lose all my life, and someone with the same success will win. So I had previously — and lost, and won. Who as such amounts are generally constantly wins? Besides, Tipo and rules have changed, at the moment such a large "jackpot" is no longer the case. On the "Jackpot" began to change something, because so much immense. 100 million from the force it no longer happens, soon will not win. "
Sovereign Chickoon plays hitherto. But presently, by him, stimulus is not the same.
Examination of the authenticity of the lottery — month
Do I need to pay taxes on lottery winnings? On this question certain I received no answer, even in the office of "State lyatarey sports." Counsel states that the company Alexander Kozhin:
"We have everything they get. Another question, submit a declaration and pay taxes on these amounts? In my opinion, no. Tax laws is liberation, at the moment I do not remember — either to win or for gifts. One of the 2- not taxed. We all goes as winning the lottery. But we do not track, they pay taxes or not. It is not our responsibility. "
Reporter: "How much time is spent on lottery prizes or to obtain funds?"
"In 1-x, while the person shows up. Someone comes another day, and another 3-4 months. Month given for examination of lottery tickets that he was not a fake. And after examination — a maximum of two weeks. Man drives and receives funds. All this, we reinforce the camera. rules legislator led so that the organizer pays great prizes. other words we have in place. "
Reporter: "To clarify: your manager — Pyatkevich Vladislav Mechislavovich?"
"Well, yes."
The best gift to newlyweds — lottery
Misha on psychological Dernakovskaga than further from the capital of Belarus, the more popular the different lottery. This had to make and I, when he was invited to the marriage to Smorgonschine. Special chic is when young next guest with a gift pack puts lottery tickets. During discussions learned: in the near future is a sign of mandatory anniversaries, corporate prazdnichkom. Times provided the least in comparison with the capital regions — major "donors" lottery tycoons:
"It’s Uneven category, of course. But usually, people are not very old, often middle-aged. And more often men than women. People with no any base, the foundation, which in fact need any real incentives. Which mental characteristics ? The man has an inner desire to purchase, for example, an apartment or a car (because the goal is in this). Clearly, no car, no apartment do not get, but subconsciously they so desire, tend to raise their own status. Lottery ticket worth is not so is not small, it would seem. Because they are always willing to invest money to buy even more tickets.
Fact, people behold the win this as a reality, as a given. First, based on the fact that behold the advertising on the basis of analizavannya inner experience. Believe that if buy a ticket, you’ll be all right. That the possibility is very low, it is in principle not very recognized. Just have an inner sense: if you buy, it will be with them for the last least as a moral factor. In other words, rely on a very good fortune. "
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