Who’s who stole 6-year-old Miroslava?

Vitaliy N. married to Olga Klaskouski lived a little more than 2 years.
In March, after, as last spoke with her daughter, filed a request to the Ministry of Justice, as the content of the daughter Miroslava abroad considers illegal.
Attempt to politicize the family history he considers baseless and says that at the moment for the former spouse in the first place is not a child, but some political dividends:
"There is nothing entirely to do with politics. Essentially, I previously shared ideas BPF well and currently remain in these positions. But in this case does not concern one another, realize? She makes me, I do not know, almost KGB agents , Lukashenka’s servant.
Politicians are generally not! On what she hopes? I am at the moment, through the Ministry of Justice try to return the baby. And this situation, perhaps her only chance — pryplestsi policy here. Since all of the court’s decision on my side. "
So who is who stole the baby? Release Vitaly Naumovich, didand Olga Klaskouski. And he does not have the ability to talk with his daughter, even by telephone:
"As I have in Ukraine could steal the baby? We agreed that her daughter will live with me, she gave me. Later begun to make me alimony. Girlfriend at me, and I for some reason she has to pay alimony? Naturally, I refused. And she began to threaten that the tribunal will give.
Then I gave myself to the court that the child was brought up with me. Parental rights nobody deprived. But the child is constantly injured, read: Cancel mother and dad bad. How can I live with my daughter, when a five-year low grandmother all this contributes to the ears?
Ultimately, she defended the tribunal, she was given the right to communication. And in the first day of the meeting as she really stole the baby and shipped to Poland. Because it is totally consumer problem. "
Vitaliy N. after her divorce from Olga married and as earlier hopes for the return of his daughter:
"There are issues of personal character, realize Do not know what she is a journalist, because he did not discuss her prof quality, but better daughter with me. Everybody knows — and her father, and her relatives, who were in charge, as she had previously lived in Poland . Because here purely domestic affairs. And she wants to attract some policy here. I’m just amazed … "
Vitaliy N. recognizes that once did not see the young each other, because, as adults, we have to correct errors very high price, in which a bargaining chip — a child:
"It happens every wrong. A what to do? But you have to pay for the mistakes. So I’m paying the price … "
Olga’s father Klaskouski recognizable writer and analyst Alexander Klaskouski in conversation with me also expressed outlook: not worth a family drama, and if it so happens to connect with politics.
• Klaskouski: Vika Moroz second with my daughter do not, 27.09.2007

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