Who will go to the VIP of the European march?

Lavon Volsky: "It is necessary to look for new ways of working with the people"
"I today busy, unfortunately. I recommend going for sure, those who are not afraid that it sweeps. But, on the other hand, there is already a certain tradition in this route — from the Academy to Bangalore Square, and again there will be some speeches. I believe that any new forms need to look for the opposition to work with people. Need something to think, "- says Lavon Volsky favorite rock band" NRM ".
Lena Skrigan: "I believe that the idea Cancel"
Secretary of the Communist Party of Communists Belarusian Lena Skrigan the European March will certainly go:
"Thought Euro march is that the Belarusian people again heard the demands that Europe has put forward to the Belarusian government and the proposals that Europe has made the people of Belarus. Including proposals and ecology, and workstations, communications. I I think that the idea to cancel. "
Alexander Wojtowicz: "Better to arrange social marches"
Former Chairman of the Council of the Republic, the ex-president of the Academy, Dr. Alexander Wojtowicz believes that now is not a principled political action and social:
"I have very many cases: spouse is in the clinic, at home I do everything myself. ‘Cause I’m not going anywhere. Somehow treat march versatile. Necessary to first to march dedicated to social issues, such as the abolition of privileges. I’m surprised what do these activities for a wide range of people, for those people, who may not be active in politics. "
Yuri Sivakov: "I am also not allowed in Europe"
Former Interior Minister, ex-Minister of Sports and Tourism, General Yuri Sivakov said:
"I am at the moment from all these political issues so far, this is completely not interested. Especially since no goals to participate in this action have not. Especially since I have the same in Europe is not allowed, you know.
Reporter: "Are you worried about this?"
Sivakou: "No. I have to adapt to all, and especially do not worry, especially on issues that do not depend on me."
Alexei Marochkin: "How can fear?"
Painter Alexei Marochkin always at the forefront of political action:
"I’ll go, so the 14th I can behold in Yanka Kupala Park, and then we will see where we will walk. We walk in Europe, we are Europeans, so that there is no choice, go the European way. What is fear? How long can you be afraid? We — the people free, free, and should, at least, aspire to it differently And why then live? "
• Will the after "Euro march" dialogue between the authorities and the opposition?, 11.10.2007

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