Why grows the number of patients on the mental level in Belarus?

Tsigankov: "What are the dynamics on the number of unhealthy mental level in Belarus, such people become more or less? What are the main trends in current psychiatry? "
Sorokin: "The number of patients at the mental level grows in Belarus in all age groups — from toddlers to the elderly. BACKGROUND I see in this drunkenness, drug use is people lose specifically sensual contact between them. In particular, young people live in the main in the virtual world — via the Web, mobile lose alive human contacts. In the world grows by unhealthy depression, and Belarus is not passed.
With regard to the trends in that globally mental health services are trying to possible earlier transfer patients on hospital forms, and day hospitals or general community acquired forms of psychiatric care. We, unfortunately, it goes very slowly, so as not enough funds for community acquired company service. "

"If the Governing Law" On Mental Health Care ", the rights of people — both healthy and unhealthy mental level — will be protected."

Tsigankov: "In a world of increasingly softened recognition characteristics of people on the psychological level unhealthy. Concept of the norm more expanding. If you decide that such people needs treatment — that plays a major role, what parameters do you use? "
Sorokin: "There are two types of criteria: medical and social services. Honey — this is what can cause deterioration of human health and psychological harm or to him or others. Then, of course, need to take measures to pretty intense healing — and this is common sense. In a world on this particular aspect of the use to find the degree of intervention required.
You’re right — aspects are mitigated. If, for example, previously had read about transvestytav as to some severe pathology and tried to cure those who insist on changing gender, but now this are based on the concept of common sense. If neakazanne psychiatric care does not worsen the mental state of a person, then read on, what you need it permanently cure or provide any other methods of psychiatric care — do not have to. "
Tsigankov: "Now Is the legal framework in order to people’s rights This piquant question were protected? Promoted the law as no one can be forced to be hospitalized? "
Sorokin: "We have adopted a law" On psychiatric care. "I am convinced that if followed, the rights of people — both healthy and unhealthy mental level — will be protected. On my eyes, all possible loopholes in order to somehow use punitive psychiatry, this law blocked. The main thing — to make it work, because we have a lot of laws are not working. "

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