Why opaque privatization process?

Recent commercial transactions Belarusian authorities with foreign businessmen experts believe incomprehensible. Why did the authorities hide from society these projects? Is there anything in the process of privatization schemes grayish?
Why Belarus began to open doors to foreign capital?
Valery Karbalevich: "Last time, Belarus all opens the door wider to foreign capital. Almost every week, Lukashenko sees entrepreneurs from other states. Government and business entities intensively take foreign loans.
Belarus eventually won the country’s sovereign rating. Started selling as individual companies, municipal shares and banks to foreign companies. Is this the beginning of any major processes that lead to changes in social and economic model? "
Tatiana Manyanok: "The privatization process started, it must allo temper. Financial situation forces the authorities to decide steps to verbovaniya investitsiy.Chto regards foreign loans, they also will need to return. No matter what country is more interested in conventional investments that bring not only money, and technology and modern management.
Lukashenko promised that it will process transparent, competitive. But the opposite is happening — opaque. With one side, as it begins privatization, on the other hand, the business climate in the country is compounded. "
Karbalevich "Mrs. Manyanok said that privatization has forced temper. But, for sure, the economy is not so important, what motives of management beginning this process — or of political, ideological principles, or from economic problems. Perhaps most importantly — the result? "
Mike Zaleski: "When the acorn sprouted, the tree will be. Another question — rovnenkoe or uneven. And this is depends on the environment in which it will grow.
Begins the process of privatization. Nomenclature as in Soviet times, has more ability to participate in this process. Unofficial start searching methods of privatization. "
Why did the authorities hide from society privatizations?
Karbalevich: "Indeed, this process privatization, which many professionals and journalists called the "nomenklatura", there is not transparent, for some obscure schemes.
For example, the sale of the enterprise "Motavelya" municipal package shares "Velcom", an agreement with the Russian company "Itera" to build "Minsk-City" passed without contest.
Now it turns out that kipryyskaya company that bought the shares "Velcom", resell them to the Austrian company, obviously more expensive — and other no point in such a transaction.
Big hype in the media-independent summoned contract processing brown coal and shale, which concluded with the company "Polar Stars Ggroup SA", — she is registered in Luxembourg and has a reputation as incomprehensible.
And finally furtive meeting Alexander Lukashenko and Russian oligarch Abramovich. What are the prerequisites such opacity? "
Manyanok: "Background to make the criteria. All transactions in Belarus over 10 thousand basic units (about 70 thousand dollars) can be carried out only with the permission of the head of state. He’s in his own actions bemkantrolny.
Lukashenko once allocated 20 two terms of privatization. Why do not they produced? Why silent deputies, municipal media?
Here is the sale of a package of municipal shares "Velcom" has not yet commented on none of municipal officials. This raises many questions and suspicions. Certainly, the authorities urgently useful means to pay for gas with Russia. Because so rapidly and sold.
Just quietly sold the company "Motavelya." It was natsyyalizavanae state, but currently sold. Certainly, the authorities do not wish to demonstrate that they could not control this plant, have shown to be ineffective. Therefore do not emphasize on this attention. "
Zaleski: "People who make these deals zapanovali, broke away from the people.
If we talk about the sale of the company’s shares municipal package "Velcom", then the question arises. If one has bought and sold another, who was interested in getting the difference? Certainly, we never answer uznaem.Esli we wish to develop deposits of lignite and oil shale, it was necessary to invite the world’s most famous companies in this field, and to announce a tender to choose the structure that offers the best conditions. A chosen company, which is not enough who knows. "
Is there anything in the process of privatization schemes grayish?
Karbalevich: "If the authorities hide business deals with state property, means there is something to hide. Maybe there is some greyish scheme?
Namely, the Web version express that capital, which are relevant senior bureaucrats, brought from Belarus, and later through front companies they vorachivayutsya in the country and buy here SOEs. How realistic such suspicions? "
Manyanok: "Why do not we go voucher privatization? Since the privatization process could begin, not controlled by the authorities. Then everything stopped and the authorities have eliminated vkladyvatelnye spetsfondy.
Belarusian entrepreneurs will not accumulate significant capital. Because no own business have to find money abroad. "
Karbalevich "Mrs. Manyanok, you do not believe that there is a Belarusian billionaires? Here are the websites arise lists such people, first officials, a huge number of their capital. You do not trust this disk imaging? "
Manyanok: "One can imagine that there are such people. But it means, the business being pushed into the shadows, in the country created an opaque system of doing business. "
Zaleski: "Completely may be that the existence of such schemes. Belarus people are huge houses cost half a million dollars and up. Estimate, which scale be activities to build such a house. So rich people we have.
That flew Abramovich. He earns 7 million dollars a day. "Motavelya" he would have bought a few daily income. It is interested in Belarus or the strategic direction or strategic site for the funds. "
Karbalevich "So makarom, political criteria in secrecy, lack of public control over the authorities, there is a good chance that privatization will acquire temper nomenclature "grabbing".

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