WiFi in Minsk until free

"Beltelecom" found 20 points where WiFi is available free of charge: railway station, the hotel "Minsk", "Belarus", "Anniversary", "Orbit" cinema "Central", cafe "Heritage of" club "Raisin" airport "Minsk -2 ", Municipal Institute of Communications and others. In order to go to the web, you only need to bring a laptop or a specific mobile phone. But until WiFi works for research and demand, perhaps by mid-October will be paid. Head of Press Service of "Beltelecom" Fedorenchik Alex explained:
"Begins commercial operation. And access can be in the main with 2 methods — free or use the cards. Gratis, if an object, where the set point, agree to pay for the traffic that made subscribers.
Second option — a card. "Beltelecom" expects that they will be with pamegabaytnym account. Price mb — as tariff plans BYFLY, 50-60 rubles. For the content, traffic that you have downloaded it and you pay. "
"In a free WiFi included a lot of people because the problem go to the Web in everyday Days"
Students are well aware of where you can connect to the web via WiFi. Certainly in a cafe on the 3rd floor in the waiting room or the railway station a few people with laptops have free access to the web. From time to time they complain about the failures in access and sluggishness. Talk to the students of the Institute Ruslan:
Reporter: "You come here often to use WiFi?"
Ruslan: "Yes, of course, very often. It is free of charge. Download abstracts see whether the announcements. "
Reporter: "How is this different from an online club or cafe?"
Ruslan: "There will need to pay for access. And there are web sites which can not walk. A possible via WiFi do, what you want . "
Reporter: "Are developed in Minsk system WiFi?"
Ruslan: "Points are many, but all this under test. If we go with a laptop in Minsk and seems to be catching point, almost every company offers WiFi point for his own company, inside the building."
Reporter: "For their own users, but apparently it makes sense to open them in public places?"
Ruslan: "Yes. Another problem is that if free, that a lot of people come to the WiFi andthis problem to go to the Web in everyday forward to. Became very popular. "
License for private providers WiFi costs 100 euros
Student Alexander:
"Very comfortable here and in other places of Minsk. It’s very cool. I study, for example, at the Institute, and between pairs I have time when I need to find something on the web quickly, and I can go to the hotel" Minsk "and he borrowed."
Reporter: "What do you think, dear web in Belarus?"
Alexander: "If you associate with Western countries, then, of course, expensive. For the student, it is not cheap. If he will earn on the web for yourself, it’s hard."
As will be further developed in Belarus WiFi is difficult to say. For example, in the mall cafe "Capital" until the service closed. Background did not want to explain. But before the guests allowed to work half an hour free.
While monopoly on this service keeps municipal enterprise "Beltelecom". Private providers need to purchase a license. Alexei Fedorenchik explained:
"When they are present as the service start, then it blocked be License data services. Such legislation, so took the Ministry of Communications and Information. "
The Ministry pronounced that the license costs 100 euros.
"Control over web browsing remains the country"
Why WiFi in Belarus has only just begun? Spices in Internet technologies Xidong Yuri said:
"This is related to the level of development in Belarus web. And with some caution on the part of the authorities who permit such things to zaymanne some frequency resource.
Still access to websites is through only the outer channel, which holds the key to "Beltelecom". And WiFi — this is just a means of access to this outer passage. Still control web browsing remains in the country. "
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