Will Belarus amnesty?

Then freed from punishment first war veterans, liquidators "Chernobyl"; minors, pregnant ladies, the elderly, people with disabilities. Persons who have committed serious crimes, not exempt from punishment.
According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Naumov, as a result of the last amnesty locations imprisonment 3882 came convicted of correctional institutions open — 4807 people.
Such an amnesty declared in 2004 and was timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus.
In This year in throughout the year amnesty open a discussion more than once. About her a couple of times said Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov.
But in the spring of deputies House of Representatives have not begun to consider this question. On the agenda of the autumn session a day or it too, but whether raglyadatstsa — is unclear.

Penitentiary system of Belarus is composed of 3 correctional facilities, jails 2-6 remand, 2-medical-labor institutions, 2-hospitals for healing convicts 1st convict home, forty nine educational institutions open. Under the supervision of the prison system in Belarus — more than 100 thousand convicted and custody of their 52 thousand — in prison and "labor dispensaries." According to international humanitarian organizations, Belarusian penal institutions are overcrowded over 20%.

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