Will forms the Commission on Security with the gynecologist?

In the entire history of the elections were the most predictable and non-alternative: one seat in the House claimed 2.4 candidate. In the vicinity of 15 balyatavalasya one candidate — a representative of authority. Predictions and "leakage disk imaging" that the parliament will not 5 most brightest opposition Belarusian authorities not heard. In general, no representative of the opposition in the House has not passed.
If not premature vote (according to official figures previously voted more than 26% of voters), the election could not take place. September 28 plots come, according to official figures, 49%. Sociologist Alexander Sasnou said:
"There are no clear results, we do not know. Their one can not know, since they are closed. I specifically went to vote at half past seven in the evening. When I found the name, thumbed sheet. On the whole house units voted. As it turned out, almost 80% of votes. This fun. "
First, last week’s edition of "Narodnaya Volya" anonymous bureaucrat sent a list of candidates, which will be held in Parliament. If the animal that list with the newly elected, can be found only one discrepancy: the electoral environment in Kobrin number 12 was NOT Viktor Kuchinsky, which already ran the second time and served in roundness hall 18, and entrepreneur Alexander Zozulya. Chief editor of the newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina reads as follows:

"I am, frankly, astounded only Kobrin district, and what is not defeated Viktor Kuchinsky. After all, he was in front of these elections on personal interviews and evolved impression that everyone there agreed. But it happened that the entrepreneur Zozulja proved stronger grenade throwers . Some other tools worked in these elections. "
In the new parliament, so to speak, an exile with administrative hierarchy. In particular tongued looks Vitebsk: the deputy chairman of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee went Vladimir Andreychenko, his deputy Peter Yuzhik, chairman of the executive committee Chashniksky Anthimos Mihalevitch, Postavski — Edward Kazurov. Senno surrounded by a deputy became Deputy Managing the administration of President Alexander Popkov (Everyone on the 59 — 60 years) …

In parliament, almost a dozen Governors of the presidential administration and ideologues of various levels.

By the way, in other regions were held in MPs vertikalschikov preretirement age two deputy chairman of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee, Vice Chairman of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, Chairman of the Gomel, Krichevsky, Shklovsky, Slonimsky Darohi executive committees. In parliament, almost a dozen Governors of the presidential administration and ideologues of various levels.
Deputy Director of the independent registered in Lithuania Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Research papers Alexander Sasnou convinced
"This shows that the power to appoint those who are controlled by it. After any of these people assigned vertical. And so funny to me, for example, if the local elections was elected head of the department of any executive committee. He that — will keep under control this executive committee? On the contrary. He is there for this so no executive committee did not control. So here: paabirali same health officials and other municipal institutions. So that they will be kept under control? "
In the day of elections Alexander Lukashenko expressed the wish continuity deputies: that Parliament was more ZAZ 25% and less than 30% of MPs with experience. And that Parliament was to "ladies ‘face’ — Consulate give somewhere close to 30%. Just wish fulfilled.
Again into parliament most Quietest deputies, initiatives and performances that will not remember even politicians, political scientists and people interested in politics. Exception — Vladimir Zdanowicz, who ran for the third time and defeated. Recognized that it was not easy:
"If you beheld me in the elections and now, after — you would immediately uttered would have just been hard. It was very hard! Generally, hard man to go for the 3rd time in the elections. Here too just read something — it will be a small affair. Since it is necessary that the people beheld that you really did convene for two. "
It is worth recalling that the spring constant Chairman Commission on Education Vladimir Zdanowicz sharp criticism of school reform. Many media outlets have reprinted the article "Return to the 11-tap hole leads into the Stone Age." But Vladimir himself Zdanowicz acknowledged that the electorate almost does not know what they are doing deputies:
"Before I had such a claim is that I have ruined the education system. Even such! This means that some people do not even know what to do Zdanowicz deputy education. Maybe there was my fault. Maybe not quite worked media disk imaging. "
In the brand new parliament many members of the directors: directors of Belarusian Steel roads, car repair and bakeries to directors of schools, colleges. Many doctors — this despite the fact that the country is experiencing an acute shortage of doctors: only in Minsk lacks two thousand doctors, says Kalinkina:
"And so massively Governing medical facilities simply push into politics. Completely incomprehensible urge to politics, much less that they are engaged in areas distant from politics: psychiatry ginekalegiyay."
In the brand new parliament — not the 1st working or 1 employee of the village. One journalist — editor rayonki column. Two artists — Gennady Davydko, Lead responsible government concerts Svetlana Sukhovey, that the opening of the cinema "Belarus" to sit next to the head of state. But lawyers slightly — only two chairmen of courts (Central district and Kamenetz district). Outlook chief editor of "Narodnaya Volya" Svetlana Kalinkina:
"Just do not be with someone forms the Commission on Security, because apart from the sovereign Misuragin, passed by Vruchskay constituency, no representatives of the MUP, the KGB, the Ministry of Defence in this list just is not. Because I do not know, or will this forms the commission with a gynecologist or eliminate this commission. Because I think it will be difficult personnel issue. "
The youngest MP — first secretary of the district committee Slutsky BRYU Inessa Kleschuk, she was born in 1978.
The oldest — Nikolai Kazak, Chief Scientific Secretary of the Academy — he was 63. By the way, many MPs are very decently earn. The same scientist Kazak earned over the past year about 50 million rubles and more than nine thousand dollars (about 3 thousand dollars every month). A General Ignatius Misuragin, Head of the Military Academy in 2007 to declare the income of 170 million rubles (more than seven thousand dollars per month).
At its first session of the newly elected deputies will meet in late October.

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