Will you go to the European March?

Lady: "Be sure to go. Something needs to be change in our lives. The time has come. I hope that will many people and be able to change something. "
Youth"Hardly him going. Well, just need to finish my studies in another institute. You understand that they can send it somewhere further from the educational institution."
Guy: "Surely, I will go, as I am against the current state of our country. "
Student: "The meaning of this march? While studying in the institute and do not think that my business to engage in politics. Need to finish my studies, and later will promote the economy of our country. "
Young Man: "In Europe — it is excellent, it is necessary. But maybe this is not dabessya march. Although, in principle, is also necessary. "
Guy: "Surely, I will go. I do not believe that this march at the moment something will change — as long as people do not mind to exchange here, nothing happens. A huge number of people — it’s a great time. And do not expect hunting, live Currently active ".
Man: "Let stroll youth. At the moment, people are not particularly interested, do not wish to live normally. Why should I go for someone? "
Guy: "No, I will not.’m Afraid."
Lady: "I think this is inefficient activities."
Woman: "No, because for us is expelled from the institute. Simply uttered, it is forbidden."
Guy: "I am a patriot. I respect our whiteRussian language. Certainly need to go. Need to fight for their independence. To make it better, you need to do something for this purpose. "

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