Yanina Pushkin: I hope I will be a good teacher for my children

I believe God — it sacramentally. In other cases, read "I believe" is probably slightly presumptuous. Because I’m eating here the word "hope."
As a person, I hope, people understand their spiritual nature and will improve her life and in the end will be best than the first.
As a teacher, I hope in the configuration school paradigm.
As a person of national consciousness, I hope I do not die, and our culture is alive and thriving.
As a citizen, I hope that we will live as long as our country is democratic and the national mood.
As a mother, I hope that the efforts and sacrifices of freedom time will not be wasted and my children grow worthy and happy.
And my most burning hope — that’s what I’ll be a good teacher for my kids. Because often catch myself that behave not far Pedagogical: zryvaessya to scream razdrazhnyaessya, gnevaessya.
Own children we expected a long time — only the seventh year of marriage we Mikolka born, and through Three years Marylka. Now they are three and a half years and nine months.
Yanina Pushkin with children
When we came out of the hospital Marylka, Mikolka took the three of us as a whole, and the first night we slept together all three. Idyll ended on the third day, when Mikolka realized that mother now does not belong to him alone. On the fifth day he vykuliv her out of the stroller — I hope that the first and last time. His affection for us stirred with anger and hostility, aggravated his obstinacy and disobedience. Marylka then kisses, then shakes like a pear. Maryltsy will read: "This is my mother, and your already lost!" And about dad. Says to him: "Dad, do not speak to her mother, this is my wife!" That angel with such manners malehankih despot.
I hope that in these tests, stand and stay teaching. Now I live it.

Yanina Pushkin — a teacher of history, mother of two children, wife of artist Ales Pushkin. Lives in the village Bobara Krupsk Minsk region.

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