Yarmoshyna: Turnout — 75.3 percent

At a press conference CEC Chairman Lidia Yermoshina said that in all the suburbs elections took place (mean turnout was more 50 percent in each environment), and the overall turnout was 75.3%.
Brest region — 77%.
Vitebsk — 86.8%.
Gomel — 78.7%.
Grodno — 78.5%.
Minsk — 70.4%.
Mogilev — 76.8%.
Minsk — 61.8%.
There are three neighborhood in Belarus, where the turnout was 60% less. This two neighborhood in Minsk (Svislochskiy and Shabanovsky) and Borisov-city.
There are also three who sp.Yarmoshyna Named "shock", where the turnout was 90%. This rural-Vitebsk, Woodland and Luban.
If you analyze the numbers, then the first — total turnout figure of 75.3%.
Digital premature vote — 26.3%.
If from the first
  take another number, yield 49%.
Representatives of the Central Election Commission directed attention the fact that there have been complaints, complaints was 21, but, according to Yermoshina, complaints were not severe. Asked her, are counting votes OSCE observers, what Yermoshina said that they have the right be, but she does not know are.

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