Youth organizations are the most active and unsafe for the authorities

Activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front" in Mogilev and Gomel almost every day visit KGB investigators — cause them to so called preventive conversations.
In Homel police raided the headquarters of the Joint civilian party. The policemen explained to party members that they are interested in primarily for the existence of other structures — "Young Front".
Activist says "Young Front" Tatiana Shaputska:
"At the most power are youth organizations, because they are the most active and unsafe for her. Soligorsk Nyasvizh and failed to kill" Young Front ", they undertook Gomel.
Search in an office UCP specifically related to the activities of the Young Gomel. They seek out confirmation of the existence of "Young Front" in Gomel and involvement of men in this organization. "
Anastasia Azarko fine except about 1 million rubles, which she paid for the word "Belarus — is sacred," according to the verdict of the newcomer has to pay another 600 thousand for distributing leaflets to "Euro march." Court orders came one after another. Woman connects it with the approach of the action.
Youth activists do not exclude new preventive arrests recently mass action.
Meanwhile Now Pervomai District Tribunal Minsk activists saw the appeal of "Malady Front" Kasi Galician and left the sentence — three days of arrest recently of days Will.
"I did not mean to file any complaints, but the lawyer insisted on this, saying that we own in the struggle for human rights, which violated this country, Alternately not that you need to fight to the end.
If we allow that we blame the dirty battlefield (even more so, that we will never do, and it is an insult to believers), the means, because we need to get us blamed. All violations must be fixed, as the police and others will feel the owners of this country, and which they are not. "
KGB democracy activists come to study. Young people warn about liability in the event of their role in the opposition street protests.
Gomel: The search is related to the case of "Young Front", 5.10.2007
Courts have been arrested for distributing leaflets, 24.09.2007

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