1. It took us about 15 minutes to set up and 45 minutes to shoot. We typically don’t storyboard any of the Vines we shoot. Instead we decide on a visual effect we would like to achieve and then figure out the rest of the stuff — dialogue, sound effects or camera techniques -during the shoot.

2. I have an Olloclip, which has been the staple of almost every single Vine we do, and I just recently bought a telephoto lens. I do have an assortment of lighting equipment, but haven’t dug too deep into lighting Vines yet. As Vine grows I find myself investing more time and money into iPhone accessories.

3. When you mess up it’s all the way back to the beginning, but the first time we shot this one we found only a couple things we wanted to add or take out. I’d say the hardest part is deciding when to start filming and when to stop. So much can go wrong when you have only a second or two to get a shot.

4. There are so many simple things you can do to make your Vine stand out. Use household objects to see what they can do to bend your image. We’ve messed around with stereoscopic techniques, prisms to warp the image and, of course, fake blood. The best tip I can give, though, is to have fun.

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