And it opened up the solid earth

And it opened up the solid earth

The first mention of a tsunami can be found in the chronicles of 8000 years ago. The Greek historian Thucydides (born about 460 BC) first proposed that a giant wave is a consequence of the earthquake is. In ancient times, the seismic activity in Europe was much higher than now, and thus the tsunami were not considered anything out of the ordinary.

In the Middle Ages the giant waves, no, no and reminded myself to residents of the Old World. It is known that in 1540 a tsunami struck the Venice (killed about a thousand people). A November 1, 1755 went down in history as the «Lisbon tragedy». Then, in the Atlantic Ocean Earthquake.

Wave height of over 20 meters hit the capital of Portugal, the city was razed to the ground. A few minutes here, killing more than 100,000 people, destroyed ancient palaces, destroyed priceless works of art. It is known that as the waves reached the coast of Spain and North Africa, but the data on casualties or damage there chronicle not saved. Apparently, a tsunami, «slammed the door, saying goodbye to Europe»: more such tragedies in the Old World is not fixed.

Death of Port Royal (Jamaica’s capital), which occurred half a century before the Lisbon tragedy, much smaller but also went down in history forever. After the famous «Jamaican stash», «den of pirates and whores,» «Sodom and Gomorrah» (so called by his contemporaries) — the first city destroyed by «joint action» earthquake and tsunami. Port Royal, formally submitting to England, in fact was the capital of filibusters (remember that the famous pirate Henry Morgan for a while was the governor of the city). June 7th, 1692 as a result of the earthquake and tsunami, «the Jamaican hangout» ceased to exist. At the same time, killing about 10,000 people.

The work of man?

Modern researchers have noted: the second half of the XX century a tsunami occur more and more frequently, and the number of victims grows in terrifying progression. Conspiracy theorists are convinced this is directly related to human activity. And, first of all, with the development of its nuclear energy. Some experts believe: a series of tsunami — the effects of seismic testing superpowers weapons. In this theory, of course, a lot of questionable, but you can not argue with the facts: indeed, since the 1950 tsunami ceased to be an anomaly and occur with alarming frequency.

So, in 1952, the 18-meter waves hit the coast of Sakhalin. For a long time, this tragedy was classified, and the mention of it in the Soviet press is prohibited. Nevertheless, it is known that a few cities (the largest of them — the North-Kuril’sk) were completely destroyed.

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