Godsend for Chatterbox

Godsend for Chatterbox

Secure means of communication in a network

We go to the very sad part of our story. Although almost every type of online communications has protected solutions for their application will have to convince your interlocutor that «as needed.» Experience suggests fans Jabber, do so without the interference of large companies is not possible. Therefore, this review shall be more futuristic in nature — if all this demand will probably anybody ever learn from this to make money.

Protected messages

To send secure messages developed cryptographic protocol OTR (Off-the-Record). To create a strong encryption protocol uses a combination of algorithms AES, a symmetric key, Diffie — Hellman, and the hash function SHA-1.

The main advantage over other OTR encryption — is its application on the fly, and not after the preparation and settings of the message. It was designed by Nikita Borisov, Ian Goldberg and. To use third-party applications developers create client protocol libu. Therefore, to protect the data on the IM-channels, you can use a specially designed to protect applications.

One of these projects — Cryptocat; is a web application with open source, written in JS. There are extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. In addition, there is the client application, but only for OS X. Kriptokat encrypts messages on the client and passes them to a trusted server. To do this, on the client side using symmetric encryption of messages and files using AES-256 and the selected key. Each chat generated a new key.

Another project of this kind — Bitmessage, written by Jonathan Warren on a python. Bitmessage — a decentralized P2P-program to exchange encrypted messages between two and / or more users. It uses strong cryptography, which protects users from listening at your ISP or on the server. Bitmessage feature is the fact that the communication between two users is almost impossible to prove that a message is not transmitted directly from the user from

A to B, and distribution to all members of the network (such an approach realized in Tor). Thus it can read only the user to which the connection is established and which has a valid key for decryption.

The latest project of this series, which we consider to be TorChat. All code is open and, therefore, check. TorChat basically uses the anonymous network Tor, but it is completely separate project. Initially TorChat was written on a python client for OS X, respectively, in the Objective C. In early 2012, a project was launched TorChat, developed in Java. As long as they do not implement all of the functionality of the original TorChar, for example, there is no file transfer.

most modern postal services, VFEmail supports opening the browser Microsoft Office documents. However, the secrecy of correspondence received to pay. However, there is a free, so-called «copper account», provides the user with 50 MB of server space for letters. To increase the space it is necessary to buy another, more perfect account.

Voice and video chat

With instant text messaging, we are anonymous, but what about the voice and video calling? Skype owns Microsoft, and it (the documents Snowden) has been convicted in the transmission of data security services.

Therefore, we need other options. One of them was the project Tox (tox.im) — open and free alternative to Skype.

In addition, under GNU create an alternative called GNU Free Call.


As you can see, hits in a panic because of the surveillance is not meaningful. There are all the usual solutions secure services: e-mail, instant messaging, voice / video chat, social networks. If you use them, no Big Brother (or modest intelligence agency) do not climb into your business. No one is able to stop the spread of information on the Internet!

Use all the features of the Network for their own purposes!

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