I was going out for lunch back in college and my five girl friends and I decided to take a cab to a nearby restaurant. The cabbie tried to charge us extra because apparently only four people were allowed in a cab. We opposed because it was too expensive. The driver countered, «Walang mga pera, sakay pa kayo nang sakayl» I struck back with:

«Kung di dahil sa amin, wala kayong sweswelduhinl» And my other girlfriend added, «Iwan n’yong bukas yung pinto, sama ng ugali niyal’1 Then we ran away in front of our school laughing while in our uniform. Thank God no one saw us acting that way!

YES, IT’S ME I just got my new company phone, and was really stoked about all the money I’ll get to save on load. I immediately got to work transferring my contacts from my old phone into my shiny new unit. After I was all done,

I left my old and busted phone in my bag during my lunch break. While I was eating, I thought that I ought to find out what my new number is, so I texted myself. To my surprise, I got a reply! I double checked my text and found out I fat¬fingered a wrong number in my old number. I guess that random guy felt weirded out by getting a “Hey pogi” message out of nowhere. Jhun Lastimosa


My friends and I rented out a small rest house in

Batangas for a trip. It wasn’t a fancy house; it didn’t even have aircon so we had to leave the windows open- this is the reason frogs got in. I was with another guy friend and two girls in one of the bedrooms playing cards, when suddenly one of the biggest frogs I’ve seen jumped in from the window onto the bed. Naturally, the girls freaked out. Being gentlemen, my friend and I immediately stood up and shooed the frog away.

It would have been alright, except brownouts happened and there was total darkness. We fumbled in the dark and the frog somehow landed on one of the girls’ lap. She panicked and accidentally headbutted me as she tried to run out of the room. We all ended up having to wait outside for one hour until the lights came back, but the worst part was the fat lip I had in our group photo before going home.



I was an MRT noob back in college since I never had to take the train before, and I got it horribly wrong. I got on at Shaw station to head north to Quezon Ave, but I ended up getting on the southbound train. Since I wasn’t from the city, I wasn’t familiar with the stops.

I was already at Ayala by the time I realized I was going in the wrong direction, but there were so many people at the station that I didn’t even try to get off anymore. I ended up taking the train to Taft and just waiting for it to go around like a loser. ElPizarro

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