150-year tradition of quality.

150-year tradition of quality.

Otis Russia announced the release of the Russian market of innovative elevators for residential and commercial segments. New elevators «OTIS Neva» and «Otis MOL» — the first model of the legendary company OTIS, completely manufactured in Russia.

October 21, 2009 it was told at a press conference the head of the company: President OTIS for Northern and Eastern Europe Bruno Grob, director of business development and marketing OTIS for Northern and Eastern Europe Albert Crosby, the regional director of OTIS in Eastern Europe, the general director of «Otis Russia «Vartan Avakian, Director of Sales, Marketing and Business Development for Eastern Europe Alexander Danilov. Bruno Grob, President of OTIS for Northern and Eastern Europe, «Division» Otis Russia «has done a tremendous job, who praised the leading specialists and engineers OTIS worldwide. We are proud of the team Vartan Avakian in developing new and, in particular, energy-efficient technologies. «Otis Russia» is developing at a good pace and in the right direction «

In 1852, engineer Elisha Graves Otis invented the world’s first safe elevator.

From that moment began the biography elevator itself. Now OTIS — is not just a brand, it’s a half-century history.

It was with understandable pride, and sincere enthusiasm reminded reporters Bruno Grob:

— OTIS — founder of the elevator industry. And it’s a great industry. As a mode of transport elevator entered into the daily life of each of us. The main and constant goal OTIS — trouble-free and safe operation of the equipment. If the lift breaks down, we have to run it for half an hour. This principle of the company OTIS.

As a leader in the global elevator industry, said Albert Crosby, the company believes it is important to establish its presence and promotion in each of the market segments — from the most prestigious buildings to social housing: — Shaping the strategy, we are not starting from the commercial sector. First and foremost, we care about the segment of affordable and social housing.

Bruno Coffin told the world about the extent of OTIS as of 2008: a turnover of $ 13 billion, 2.03 million elevators in service. The company successfully employs 61,000 people, of whom more than 3,000 highly skilled employees work in Russia. The research and development invested about $ 100 million.

— When installing the equipment, we provide a service, that life expectancy is 25-50 years elevators — said Bruno Grob. — To date, our portfolio is serviced 1.6 million pieces of equipment.

Introducing the new products of the company — elevators «OTIS Neva» and «Otis MOL» — Bruno Grob said:

— New products fully meet the high quality standards of the company OTIS. And the fact that these models are launched on the Russian market is very important for the entire world system OTIS.

«Otis Russia» — all time to come!

Speaking about the activities of «Otis Russia», CEO Vartan Avakian noted that in 45 cities, covering a vast territory from Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk, firmly established a network of service offices of the company. Direct sales and marketing are carried out through the agent network in all the former Soviet republics. In some of them, for example, in Armenia the share of Otis elevators reaches 45-50%. The high activity of the company in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Moldova and Belarus, although there is a lift building plant. About 20 thousand elevators in the portfolio of Ukrainian Otis.

Vartan Avakian, Regional Director Otis Eastern Europe, CEO of «Otis Russia»: «The main advantage of» Otis Russia «is that it is now a full-cycle integrated complex. Our staff carry out the entire production cycle. And at every lift production «Otis Russia» can put the stamp «Made in Russia».

In Russia OTIS came in 1893, when at the personal order of Emperor Alexander III in the Winter Palace elevators installed this company. In 1915, Otis opened a representative office in Russia. Until 1917, the majority of the Russian Empire were elevators brand OTIS.

In the Soviet years the company has carried out sporadic supply of equipment, primarily for the technically complex or important projects. So, in 1978 in the World Trade Center on Krasnaya Presnya in Moscow OTIS has established the first Soviet panoramic elevator.

In 1990, the company OTIS (J. Fuzheron) and Scherbinsky Elevator Plant (MA Waxman) signed an agreement on the establishment of the first joint venture for the production of lift winches. Today JSC «Shcherbinka Otis Elevator» — high-tech enterprise with a high level of organization of production that brilliantly confirms the «Gold Level» Programs to achieve competitive superiority of ACE.

Russian factories not only produce Otis escalators and moving walkways. The rest of the line of material handling equipment is produced in factories in St. Petersburg, the Moscow region and Moscow Shcherbinka.

OTIS with the care of the disabled

The year 2009 was declared the Year of Equal Opportunities, and the company «Otis Russia», on behalf of the Mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, has made a massive contribution to the creation of a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities. «Otis Russia» is actively engaged in the production and installation of equipment, adapted to the needs of people with disabilities:

— We have a few months preparing the design solution and equipment, which could enter the building in the existing model — says VN Avakian.

— We have a good example of a comprehensive re porch typical house.

Plant for production of elevator control systems (controllers) and the upgrade package, Moscow

For example, a standard house in the Meshchansky district of the capital experts Otis demonstrated how to help wheelchair users virtually move freely in the ordinary residential building. A pilot version of the comprehensive retrofit entrance considered successful, and now all the houses where being overhauled and it is technically possible, will use these solutions.

— We have thought through every step of a man in a wheelchair. Invalid platform — is not all that it needs. We must provide the ability to move out of the apartment and the entrance without assistance — says CEO «Otis Russia.»

We need specially equipped with a lift, says VN Avakian, this includes the so-called «key priority», by which you can call the elevator with a wide sash; remote that opens the door; besporozhnye doorways. Specially equipped with an elevator has an optical curtain, allows to keep the doors open. On the control panel buttons — the relief of figures for the visually impaired, the cabin equipped with a speech synthesizer for the hearing impaired.

In the near future some 500 houses in Moscow equipped adapted to the needs of disabled lifts.

— We are proud of — said Vartan Nahapetovich — that participate in such social programs.

But this assistance is not limited to companies with disabilities. For 17 years, «Otis Russia» — the sponsor of the World movement for people with intellectual disabilities. On March 25, 2009 at the annual meeting of the Moscow International Business Association (MIBA), president of the association, the mayor of Moscow and the Director General of «Otis Russia» was awarded a certificate for the provision of financial assistance to the president of the movement «Special Olympics Russia» Pavlova.

— We are proud that Otis has helped to support the Special Olympics Russian team to take second place in the World Special Olympic Games, which were held in February 2009 in the United States, Boise, Idaho — says Vartan Avakian.

— 87 countries participated in the competition, and the team behind only Russia hosts the Special Olympics. Our young athletes won 116 medals, 64 of them — gold. Therefore truth outstanding results!

Man-made wonders of the OTIS

The company OTIS repeatedly surprised and continues to amaze the world with exclusive ultramodern lifts models:

— «Otis Russia» is not only for new facilities, but also on the monuments of architecture, — says CEO. — The museum Tsaritsino are our two elevators. One of them — semitonny lift transports museum exhibits bulky, heavy statue. At the Bolshoi Theatre set lifting equipment to move the scenery. The hotel «Moscow» is an installation of a wonderful panoramic elevators with improved design. I hope that soon all will be able to admire the architecture and buildings, and our beautiful and modern equipment. Almost all the major institutions of the government of Moscow and the Russian Federation are equipped with our elevators — Moscow City Hall, Government House, Russia, Kremlin Palace of Congresses, the building of the Moscow region Krasnogorsk.

Now the company «Otis Russia» actively involved in the struggle for the right to supply products to the Olympic construction in Sochi. Specialists of the company extensive experience in the installation of elevators in sports sooruzheniyah- at Olympic venues in Athens, in Beijing, at the Sports Palace «Megasport» on Khodynka and others.

In addition, the majority of the tallest buildings in the world equipped with equipment, Otis. Among them the tower Burj Dubai in the United Arab Emirates — is the tallest building in the world today.

Russia promised to lift available — done!

Introducing the new lifting equipment — «OTIS Neva» and «Otis MOL» — Vartan Avakian stressed once again that the Otis plant in Russia — this is not the production of screwdriver, and the most advanced technology companies localized in Russia.

— Having in the past experience of the surgeon, I sometimes compare our room with Otis Russian enterprises operating rooms: the level of cleanliness and order close to the sterile operating units. Equipment manufactured in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Shcherbinka, certified to the highest standards and quality requirements of the company. We can sell and certify it in any European or Asian country — and very proud of it. Today, Otis does everything not to depend on foreign exchange, which may have a serious impact on the cost of the equipment.

The presentation of new products, «Otis Russia» held by the Director of Sales, Marketing and Business Development for Eastern Europe OTIS Alexander Danilov:

— We are pleased that we managed to bring new products to the market of materials handling equipment at a time when and construction, and elevator industry is experiencing some difficulties caused by the economic crisis. Previously we have analyzed the situation in the market to understand — what consumer properties should have the product needed by the customer in this situation and in this market. The resulting solution is found which does not have to compromise on the quality and safety, but at the same time available at a price.

Alexander Danilov said that «OTIS Neva» — is a step forward in lifts. This elevator more attractive design, improved performance and an extended range of applications. It is designed for typical and improved housing, offices, office buildings, hotels, health care, educational, cultural and sports institutions. Elevator «OTIS Neva» can successfully operate in the building of industrial, commercial and transport enterprises.

— Particularly encouraging, — said Alexander Danilov — that now our product is used in the federal program for the construction of perinatal centers.

Among the competitive advantages of the elevator «Otis NEVA» — his superior and stopping accuracy, high security, improved design, reduced energy consumption and environmental friendliness.

— The consumer is important that at the start of movement and did not feel the tugs, — says Alexander Danilov. — A new elevator has a soft start and slower. It is very important for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and pregnant women. We have reduced the rate of breakthrough during the movement of the elevator from 4.5 to 1.4 m / s. Reduced dynamic loads on the occupant, and the noise level is even lower than allowable Russian guests.

Improved safety is achieved thanks to the fact that the infrared sensors monitor the presence of a passenger in the door opening area. We know how important this is when the elevator go with disabilities, children, the elderly for them increased stopping accuracy. «Otis NEVA» has very little difference in the level of thresholds — only ± 3 mm. All of this — a new stage in the standard of safety of the elevator.

Elevator «OTIS Neva» provides a high level of security and for staff. It is equipped with a guard and counterweight sheave, fences for speed limiter and the tensioning device, a locking device on the input device, the fence on the roof of the cab.

To reduce power consumption up to 30% was made possible by the use of the elevator «Otis Neva» new gearless winches, which launches the factory «Shcherbinka Otis Elevator». There excluded oil leaks, and hence a negative impact on the environment.

Set elevators «OTIS MOL»

Set elevators «OTIS MOL» — a response to the requests of OTIS Russian market of materials handling equipment, forced to exist today in the difficult economic conditions. 24% of Russian elevators, that is 117,000 units require replacement or upgrading. Thereafter, they should guarantee the work from 3 to 25 — depending on the depth of upgrading, and in case of replacement — 25 years. But there are certain difficulties associated with the transition housing reform: reducing the budgets of municipal organizations, lack of financial independence of the HOA, management companies, etc.

Noting that «Otis MOL» — a modernization on the basis of a new lift, Alexander Danilov said:

— It was necessary to find a compromise that accommodates be within budget without impacting negatively on the quality and safety of the elevator. We aim to replace key components of the equipment, leaving such essential parts as guides. Substitution was done so that the elevator can be used without problems for 25 years.

Applications «Otis MOL» a variety of Municipal and commercial housing, office and administrative buildings.

— We took all the best features and improvements, and replacement to meet the needs of customers and successfully bring to market a new product, «Otis MOL», — says Alexander Danilov. — Our scope of lifting equipment meets all the standards of the Russian Federation and international safety standards OTIS. It is a comprehensive solution for municipal organizations, and the HOA, and that is very important — it is the most suitable for all types of standard buildings, existing in Russia. It is very important that everything is done in Russia — in Saint Petersburg and in Shcherbinka.

Concluding the press conference, Director General of «Otis Russia» Vartan Avakian said proudly: "We promised to make Russian a lift available and we made it! The word was given — kept his word We are proud that we can rightly write on their new products "Made in Russia".

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