3. The self-esteem in 60 seconds.

3. The self-esteem in 60 seconds.


Oksana, 26y.o.. I know why we women are so fond of roses. They enhance the sense of their own attractiveness and relevance. I once worked on a flower stock. And all the color I like, but next to the roses, I felt like a queen. You come into the hall, where they are stored, and a minute later the mood is changing. I looked in books on aromatherapy — it turned out really smell the roses increases self-esteem. The main thing is that the flowers are fresh. Suitable and rose oil — two to a room. But the smell of dried roses has the opposite effect.

Ballet bearing.

Jeanne, 41 years old. Do body-ballet doctor advised me from osteoarthritis. It helps! But the most important thing — I got rid of the state «all terribly» when you walk with his head down, cursing himself and angry. Probably because it cost me so poniknut, I immediately straighten up (body-ballet habit!), And after a moment understand: how beautiful the world when you look at it from this angle! And how easy and gracious me! Prior to that, 6 years old lived alone — could not recover from a divorce. Now that no month, a new acquaintance. But I have already made a choice.


Maria, 35y.o.. Somehow watching a program that famous cover girl said, «When I feel ugly, pull out your best pictures". I felt better right away. Firstly, because until then I was sure: low self-esteem is the problem of people with non-standard forms. Such as I am. Secondly, I went to a photo shoot for the professional photographer. And now, when I feel fat and unattractive, also got their photos. Yes, I have the figure and are not ideal. But did I look just fine!


Irina, 31god. I have an old beautiful service — a gift grandmother. I use them often. And not on holidays, and in the most drab. When self-esteem tends to zero, I get it and drink a cup of tea while admiring the delicate flowers on a white background. I do not know the secret. Maybe because the Tea Party is acting or feeling of expensive porcelain in the hands affects the self-esteem, but it gets better. A friend recently learned that her husband regularly conceal from her earnings. All changed her mind! And I drank my tea from the magic of the service and said, «I’m sure he wants me to be a surprise.» And so it happened!


Julia, 42 years old. I had a difficult childhood, and probably why self-esteem is very vulnerable. Even now, when all is well at work, in the family, with friends, there are times when you simply do not know where to hide from the fear that I’m worse than others. At this time, I like to hide, so no one you have not seen. The corner of course, I do not score. Just I wear glasses. In the summer — dark in the winter — with lenses without diopters. I go to them for a while, look at the others as if through a protective screen. And it helps me find balance.


Elena, 32 years old. I heard many times that the high heels improve self-esteem. But for some reason it does not help. On the contrary, I feel even more vulnerable, insecure, all the time thinking about how my legs look from the outside. But the boots — is another matter! They are my 8 pairs. Even the summer there. Whenever there come the dark days (with the business does not work, the problem at home, and everything is bad), I immediately put on a suitable and turn to Amazon. Going clear step, I am listening to the sound of heels, count to 60 and every second I feel that rise above problems to develop in their own eyes, become more decisive.


Galina, 24 years old. My friend — a maniac for bags. She buys bags of different shapes and colors, in shops and flea markets, expensive and cheap. Once I was visiting her and decided to «try" each bag. It turned out this accessory strongly influences the sense of self, and in seconds and no less than clothes! I found out that the soft bulk bag helps to relax. Vintage — to pull away from everyone. Strong, with clear forms gives confidence. Personally, when I’m going with this bag, I have no doubt: I will succeed!


Christine, 25 years. In our office we have a chair that does not fit anyone. Too it is cumbersome, high, some cold. We simply put aside, sometimes we offer visitors. But this is what the chair is trying to take at least a minute each, when the work is not to argue that the project is not formed or when the boss is not particularly pleasant making notes. That’s because it seems to me that the chair allows it to rotate slightly, resting his feet on the floor. This movement gives confidence, you start to feel impressively. Besides sit above.

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