50 shades of blue.

50 shades of blue.

At this time our shoes Allen thematic «Alma Mater» in the drama, which will tell of middle-aged woman with a name, of course, Jasmine. Disaster struck (typical Woody) — the marriage broke up, rich life derailed. Therefore have to take all of his pride in his fist, moved to her sister in a furnished room in San Francisco, and start their lives anew.

By Allen drama he addressed infrequently.

Those attempts that were the phrase «rarely, but neatly» can not be called. Of the few truly successful unless turned «Interiors» from silent trilogy about habitat wizard yes «Match Point,» which staked the place muse Scarlett Johansson in the film’s two forward. «The Other Woman» and «September» — it is quite a curious tape, but they are more likely to confuse the viewer than to make him proud that he looked these experiments under the influence of Ingmar Bergman.

What can we expect from «Jasmine»? Hypertrophied serious drama will not be exact: it has to defuse popular comedian Louis C Kaye and Alec Baldwin, who Allen is something of a secret talisman. Also we have a first-class, elegant, charming, beautiful blue-eyed and Cate Blanchett in the title role. And, of course, smart and meaningful dialogue spoken by the master of the genre, and the favorite of women.

It is already possible to talk about the potential rewards of the «Oscar» for best actress. In the drama Blanchett wins back on again. That only is the film series about Queen Elizabeth. But academics there is something not like it. As always. If the old man is not buried a Konigsberg, as it usually happens after a couple of his major successes in a row, it is possible to estimate the gold idol and best original screenplay.

Plus already mentioned box-office success in the United States. More from the theater collected only Oscar-winning «Midnight in Paris», the most profitable film of Allen at the moment. If the public loses interest, a certain resistance at the box office is guaranteed, given that niche neighbors in the next couple of months to poke his nose into the film distribution grid will not.

In general, I pleased that Allen, approaching eighty years, does not lose strength or sunk, nor the desire to write or direct. To have billions of different ideas about the same in my mind — it’s just a terrific gift. Otherwise, it can not be named. Yes, there were at this rascal times when it seemed that the scenario of his Alzheimer captured. But then corrects all the same, «Midnight in Paris» or «To Rome with Love». Like Woody deliberately mocks the audience, offering him some «hat» view. And knowing his peculiar sense of humor, these assumptions may well be mistaken for the truth.

Let’s hope that this time will not be playing the fool.

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