7 facts about the film «Jobs: Empire of temptation» that you might not know.

7 facts about the film

In the «Jobs: Empire of temptation» tells about the founding and development of Apple, starting from 1971 and ending with 2000. The present success of the company came in 2001 with the advent of the first media of the iPod.

Ashton Kutcher met with Steve Jobs for six months before his death. Apple Co-Founder hero was an actor, so he agreed to participate in the film without any hesitation. Preparing for the role took several months.

Preparing for the role, Ashton Kutcher sat on a fruit diet, which is powered by Jobs himself. The experiment ended in failure for Kutcher actor took to the hospital because of problems with the pancreas.

In addition to Jobs appear in the film and the other figures that influenced the history of Apple: Steve Wozniak (co-founder) John Sculley (CEO), Mike Markkula (CEO) and Daniel Kottke (one of the first employees).

My favorite scene is Joshua Michael Stern, director of the film, — the presentation of Apple’s computer fair on the West Coast (West Coast Computer Faire) in 1977.

«Jobs: Empire of temptation» in common with the other paintings devoted to the evolution of the personal computer — «Pirates of Silicon Valley», which tells of the confrontation Apple and Microsoft.

This year the film «Jobs: Empire of temptation» closes the largest US independent film festival «Sundance».

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