9 thoughts about his mood

9 thoughts about his mood

1 If a guy in a bad mood, it is not necessary to stress this. It is better for a while to behave as usual, openly and honestly, so as not to provoke a defensive reaction.

From childhood, we drive in head-meter piles under the name «You are the man! Be a man!». As a result of developing the mind-sided, and the guys are just afraid appear weak, especially in front of their own girls. So go grim, without telling why.

From 2 — the reluctance to open at a time when we feel unable to. «As well? I support for her … And what of my stay, if I … I led all … «- and so on, up to a total denial of self. All this sweeping in the unconscious guy, he can not remember why he do not like it when you’re trying to figure out the reasons for his bad mood. Especially when you do it too obvious! In this case, it is likely … just blame everything on you! And more will be offended — just «convenient» for the psyche.

So … wow, wow, easier … or rather, gently and carefully with him. And the fear will disappear.

W in crowded places you should not ask him about what the soul. It is likely, even more nervous. At home, the parents behind the wall, too, will fail. It is best to choose a place where no one but you. Lure and escort «patient» away from external stimuli in such a place, you can use a cheerful mood … Of course, jump over your head is not necessarily (though … if the girl actually jump over your head, it +100 500). Just remember that too much — always cool.

You do feel as he pulled to you, ready for dialogue. When a guy is with thee, in any case, do not be harsh. Avoid any strong emotions for his part in such moments, be gentle, affectionate, quieter and quieter.

4 You can cheer him up absentia -naprimer, throwing ridiculous pictures in social networks. Of course, if you know what he is interested in, and generally know how to find him to approach. It is true that guys can vrednichat to draw attention to themselves … But this only confirms the fact that you are not indifferent to it.

5 The main thing — a simple sympathy, and more on the level of feelings, not words … well, we just can not do without the girl’s warmth and caring. They are enough to melt the heart of a young man.

6 When he is upset, you can bring him home pizza, gently kiss … and quietly leave.

7 When I miss, I usually write songs … or rob banks! And I do not mind if she, too, will come up with something like that … sort of.

8 A guy can get bored with the girl at any time. But that’s okay! The free space is much easier and more correct to create a harmonious relationship. Of course, with the freedom necessary to be able to handle. Trust in each other is more important than if you are able to ignite it and … nothing else do not know how. Just look each other funny, and involuntarily, without trying on purpose.

9 And finally — just be yourself. And do not be shy to express it. Work on these in themselves and generally work on yourself, and believe me, eventually you will be just with those who need you … and that that which is so necessary to him. And while you’re real! One Love.

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