We believe in letting the pilot fly the aircraft was the brief given by the Goals to architect Piyush Mittal, while handing over the responsibility of designing their home. «And so. I wanted to provide the couple with a space that reflected their personalities — a space bathed in ample natural light and one that was easy on maintenance.»

Located in Paschim Viper, New Delhi, the Goals’ residence first opens up to a dang area, which then leads you to the other rooms. The colour scheme here is earthy and rustic with elements like brick-patterned walls, wooden furniture and marble flooring. The living and dining areas are clearly demarcated by the architect’s choice of flooring and the use of low-height planters that act as a soft partition between the spaces.

I’m in love with the vibrant living room. The bright, sunny tones blended with pastels resonate well with the green outdoors. «The furniture here is both functional and aesthetic.” Each sofa seat is a separate unit in itself and can be rearranged to create a host of seating options. «I have a so worked to min mice energy consumption ana maximise the aesthetics by installing advanced lighting design.»

The master bedroom design is minimalistic yet retains its warmth. «The wardrobes, bed and cent are made of commercial board wrapped in white veneer. The elevated low-height bed has been accentuated with LED strips on three sides. This not only serves as an lamp for the bedroom but also gives the bed a floating’ effect.

hen we packed our bags to visit N. Signora del Lago — a B&B tucked in the outskirts of Rome, Italy, little did we know that what seemed like a pure pleasure trip, would actually also serve as brilliant decor inspiration.

Once inside, we noticed how much the space oozed simplicity and warmth.

N. Signora del Lago is nestled alongside the sprawling Lake Vico, and promises an experience laden with hazel-nut trees, shaded paths, greenery, local flora and fauna, water birds and plenty of peace.

There is an obvious influence of art and folklore in the decor that seems infused with local Italian decor elements. The interiors have been put together by Laviania G. «room the property and architect Federico C. We a so learnt how local artists have painted walls and made exclusive ceramic art for the bungalow.

Beyond the wooden gate — which marks the entrance — is a garden with a lovely all fresco dining area. Large tea cups double up as planters with a bunch of pink flowers, making for a stunning centrepiece. We spent lazy evenings here, unwinding over tea. novels and loads of interesting conversation.

What’s interesting about the decor scheme is the lovely, lived-in Old-World charm that seems to emanate from every corner. And for the same, wood has been used extensively in the interiors.

So much love, so much warmth…and the feeling that we never eft home…the best part of living in a home stay.

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