A fistful of dollars

Back in the day, or at least back in my day, the way to make money from your music was to send a cassette out (yes, I know I don’t look it but I am older than 35) almost at random, hope someone would sign you on the strength of it and become a superstar pop diva overnight. That’s what we did back then, but it didn’t work for me, nor did it with 99.99% of the rest of the poor sods who tried it.

Nowadays, thank the Lord, there are a stack of other ways to make money from music production which a) actually work and b) are less embarrassing than sitting around waiting for a rejection letter from Virgin Records. There’s been an explosion in digital media that require soundtracks. The video games industry, for example, is bigger than ever and every game needs a soundtrack — both sound effects and music. And you’ve only got to switch on your Freeview box to realise that there’s a lot of music needed for a lot of channels, even those at the more dodgy end of the dial. (‘Which sample manufacturer supplies the dance loops on BabeStation?’ is a question I often ask myself get asked… whatever BabeStation is.) A lot of people are making a lot of money from a lot of different musical careers…

So we could tell you how to have a hit record — indeed, we have told you that in the past — or we could tell you how to make some real money from some real careers in the real world. Besides which, the irony is that unless you are Madonna or Bowie, pop stars these days aren’t making anywhere near as much as they were back in my day simply because people don’t like paying for music any more. The fact is that you’re more likely to make make more money from a decent sync slot on TV — that’s where the action is and we get 21 people who are actually doing it to tell you how to enjoy a slice of it in a massive feature starting on page 14. And it doesn’t end there. Possibly the hardest working man in the music production world, Richard Devine, shells out even more money-making advice on page 28. He’s got more fingers in more career pies than he has actual fingers. Take a leaf out of his book and you’ll be well on your way…

Who wants a record deal anyway? Certainly not me. I’d much rather be editing magazines *1ooks over to letter box, starts crying again*

Andy Jones Senior Editor

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