A New Look At The Strength & Beauty Of Engineered Wood Siding.

When homeowners are repairing or residing the exterior of their homes, there’s a good chance they will be open to alternatives that offer enhanced durability and curb appeal. Vinyl siding damaged by storms and cracking fiber cement siding may have fallen short of their expectations. Packed with innovations, engineered wood is rapidly becoming the siding material of choice for homeowners and remodelers across the country.

Creating Curb Appeal.

Engineered wood products such as LP® SmartSide® Trim and Siding feature a rich cedar grain texture that adds deep shadow lines and architectural appeal to any home. Customers can choose from a variety of single- and multi-lap profiles that offer tremendous design versatility. This gives homeowners a custom-built appearance that’s tailored to their individual style!

Impact Resistance & Durability.

Siding can be exposed to a lot in its lifetime — for starters, hail, storm debris, and everyday impacts like rocks kicked up by the lawn mower. That’s why we’ve tested LP SmartSide products to the extreme. To show they withstand impact, severe winds, freeze/thaw cycles, high heat and high humidity. Our results confirm they are great products for virtually any climate. Plus, all LP SmartSide products are manufactured with LP’s proprietary Smart Guard® process for strength and resistance to fungal decay and termites. This added toughness comes as a relief to homeowners in wet and buggy areas.

Building Responsibly.

Engineered wood products are made with a renewable resource — wood. LP’s wood is responsibly procured under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®. That means all wood and fiber comes from certified forest management systems that help preserve our natural resources.

A Warranty That’s In It For The Long Run.

LP SmartSide products have more than 15 years of successful performance on homes from coast to coast. With an industry-leading warranty, you can rest assured your good name is protected when you recommend LP SmartSide products to your customers!

• 5-year, 100% labor and replacement feature;

• 50-year prorated limited warranty on the product.

LP SmartSide Remodeler Advantages:

• Cuts with standard woodworking tools;

• Lightweight for less breakage and easy installation;

• 16′ lengths for fewer seams and faster installation;

• Features the proprietary Smart Guard process for strength and resistance to decay and termites;

• Backed by a 5-/50-year transferable limited warranty.

Join The LP BuildSmart Preferred Remodeler Program!

If you want to learn more about installing engineered wood siding, the LP BuildSmart Preferred Remodeler Program is for you. This free program includes online and hands-on training to teach you the proper way to install engineered wood siding. As you advance through the program, LP will continue to increase your support with lead-generation tools, marketing materials and more!

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