A new thing

I’m a 38-year-old divorced woman, and am usually considered attractive. I’ve always had good sexual relationships with men, and never really thought I’d have a lesbian affair. But that was before Ellie came into my life.

I was on vacation, lying on a beach in Florida, when a very striking woman laid out her blanket near mine. She was built like a fashion model—tall, slinky, all arms and legs, and her sky-blue swimsuit emphasized her assets perfectly. As we struck up a conversation I found myself hoping it wasn’t too obvious that I was wearing falsies in my top to disguise my lack of a bosom, as I had always been self-conscious about my tiny cookie-shaped tits.

After we had sunbathed and talked for a while the woman, whose name was Ellie, invited me back to her room for something cool to drink. I didn’t know what was happening, but I found I couldn’t keep my eyes off her for long. In her room I mentioned how hot and sticky I was, so Ellie offered me the use of her bathroom to take a shower.

In the bathroom, I took off my bathing suit and surveyed myself in the mirror. I tan very easily, and I had darkened a lot in the last few days, leaving the areas hidden by my bathing suit a contrasting white. I ran my hands over my empty little tits, feeling a familiar resentment because they were nothing more than tiny flaps of loose skin dangling from my flat chest. I couldn’t help thinking of

Ellie’s small but perky tits, with their perpetually hard nipples.

I climbed into the shower and began washing the sand, sweat and tanning lotion from my body. After only a few moments I felt a presence in the room, and suddenly Ellie was in the shower with me! Needless to say, I was surprised. I started to protest, and quickly covered my tits with my hands, but Ellie just smiled and put a finger to my lips. I stood there motionless as she took my hands and placed them at my sides, then slowly started soaping my chest as she stared into my eyes.

«Ellie, please,» I whispered. «This is embarrassing. They’re so pathetic!»

Again she put a finger to my lips. As she rinsed the soap off my tits she whispered, «You’re a very sexy woman, Ruth, and that includes your cute little titties.» Then she bent down and sucked my nipples one at a time, actually taking each tit in her mouth as she did so.

«Ohhh, yeess!» I moaned loudly, forgetting myself. «Ohh, that feels sooo good!» My hands were at the back of her head, pressing her lips harder against my chest.

Soon I found myself stroking her back and ass, feeling her smooth skin. Almost instinctively my fingers found her wet pussy, and I slowly worked them inside her. She moaned as I rhythmically stroked the walls of her vagina, and I could feel her juices flowing. Her cunt was so slick now! I couldn’t believe how good this was making me feel, and I suddenly realized how starved I had been for this kind of soft loving with another person.

Finally Ellie took her wonderful soft lips from my breasts and went down to her knees. She began kissing my pussy, and the feeling was incredible! It may be a cliche, but women really do know how to satisfy other women better than men do. I leaned against the wall of the shower, totally overcome by passion. By this time the water had turned cooler, but we didn’t care. Ellie’s tongue was reaching deep into my cunt and swirling around my love button, while she reached up to rub and pull at my thick, hard nipples.

.Ellie and I really enjoyed the week we spent together, and with her I lost my hang-up about having such pathetic little tits. I still insisted on wearing falsies when we went out, and she accepted that, but in private I went braless, or topless, so she could suck my tits as much as both of us wanted.

Ellie taught me all about how to satisfy her with my mouth, and I learned to love doing it. At the end of the vacation we decided to visit each other as often as possible. I still sleep mostly with men, but now I also have a steady female friend who shares my need for the soft, tender sex only a woman can provide. — K.W., Illinois

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