About spines and tubercles

About spines and tubercles

Salt-coating cucumber fruit quality to some extent related to the magnitude of hillocks and spikes coloring of the fruit. Spines, or glandular hairs on fruit regulate the evaporation of moisture. They can be white, brown or black. Simple spines are located directly on the surface of the fruit or tubercles, complex have elongated tapered and spherical base of the hairs sitting on the surface of the ovary. Dark colored spines causes the presence of a water-soluble pigment — flavones, which gradually builds up, blackens and stops the activity of evaporative spines. inkrustiruya and making it brittle. Subsequently, the pigment is distributed along the walls of the surface cells of the epidermis and the fetus, which hinders rapid supply of brine into the flesh.

It is believed that krupnobugorchatye fruit with a complex black hairs have the highest salt-coating quality.

In lettuce cultivars with white wool and coloring pigment stud missing.

Salt-coating quality is also influenced by the density of the fruit flesh, the structure and nature of the vascular system. The flesh of a cucumber salt-coating is more density. In salt-coating grades krupnobugorchatyh strongly developed lateral vascular bundles, suitable to the surface of the fruit in bridges hillocks, where a certain layer is formed, which makes the flesh crisp

Zelentsy known top coating is easily wax coating, which limits evaporation and prevents the diffusion of gases. It is in the form of the outer film, as well as between the walls of the epidermis. The cells of the epidermis from the salt-coating varieties contain calcium oxalate crystals that provide crisp flesh. In addition, the skin accumulates more fat-like substances, which at Zasole absorb and retain the essential oils of spices. The thicker the skin, the higher the retention capacity and flavor of pickles. Such a cucumber prosalivaetsya gradually, preserving its structure and nutritional value.

Negative properties chernoshipnyh varieties and hybrids is that they quickly turn yellow. In the flesh more tender lettuce varieties, they do not turn yellow even when growing over But Zasole cell sap of them will go out and fermentation in brine is more turbulent, making the fruits become soft, they deform or voids.

Salt-coating qualities have varieties and hybrids "Altay ‘. ‘Coast’ ‘Voronezh’.

For lettuce varieties and hybrids are "Elegant". "Nerosimy 40". "Synthesis". "Phoenix". "Adam".

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