Action photography

Learn to keep up with moving subjects and capture sharp shots of the action

Cameras can capture spectacular shots of moving subjects, as long as you know how to master the settings. By changing your camera’s shutter speed, you can freeze seconds of action or capture motion blur to demonstrate speed and direction. The autofocus systems on many cameras have vastly improved in recent times, and will help you keep fast-moving subjects sharp and in focus. Even so, it helps to be familiar with the different focusing options, and focusing manually often produces great results.

Whether you are shooting sports, wildlife, or your kids playing in the park, let us help you get to grips with shutter speeds and focusing techniques so that you can take your best ever photos. We will also guide you through the tricky task of lighting and composing your action shots, and provide you with some simple ideas for putting our tips into practice at home.

Kit for action


A monopod is simply a one-legged tripod. It’s easier to move around but still provides support.

Telephoto lens

This lens reaches large focal lengths, allowing close-up shots of the action from a safe distance.

Camera bag

A padded camera bag will protect your camera and accessories when you are chasing after subjects.

Camera strap

Use a strap so that you can access your camera in a flash if an unexpected photo opportunity arises.

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