AEP Ohio celebrates Columbus Bicentennial with Gifts that Keeps on Saving

Home Energy Savings Tour and gridSMART Mobile from AEP Ohio roll into Home & Garden Show

As the Central Ohio Home & Garden Show says «Happy Birthday, Columbus! Come Celebrate with US,» show visitors will have the opportunity to visit AEP Ohio’s Home Energy Savings Tour (HEST) and the gridSMART Mobile from AEP Ohio.

This year, AEP Ohio will be giving Columbus the gift of energy savings and encouraging its customers to participate in the company’s efficient products programs.

In addition to the HEST interactive displays, efficiency experts will be on hand to demonstrate how customers can save money and reduce their energy use by purchasing ENERGY STAR products such as CFL bulbs, LEDs and various appliances.


Replacing standard incandescent lighting with ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs and LEDs is one of the fastest ways customers can save on their electric bills. CFLS last up to 10 times longer and use 75 percent less energy than standard bulbs, while LED bulbs approach 80 percent efficiency, which means 80 percent of their electrical energy is converted to light energy.

Plus, AEP Ohio provides consumers instant, in-store discounts when purchasing certain ENERGY STAR lighting from participating retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Save energy by purchasing new energy star appliances

Keep in mind that ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerators use 40 percent less energy than conventional models sold before 2001, and ENERGY STAR clothes washers use 50 percent less energy than standard washing machines.

HEST outlines details of these and other programs, including AEP Ohio’s refrigerator and freezer recycling program.

Gridsmart demonstration project

AND NEW ENERGY technology

While visiting the gridSMART Mobile from AEP Ohio, attendees will learn about the gridSMART Demonstration Project.

The mobile is a customized vehicle that offers a hands-on, interactive experience to find out more about smart meters, money- and energy-saving programs and the latest energy technology. Use of this technology allows customers to participate in energy-saving programs and help manage electricity use and save money.


In honor of Columbus’ birthday, visitors are invited to pick up a «birthday card» when they stop by the AEP Ohio booth. The card will list clues to help them search out ENERGY STAR appliances that will be wrapped as presents and strategically placed throughout the Home & Garden Show.

Customers who find these «Gifts that Keep on Saving,» will be registered for a chance to win an incredible suite of ENERGY STAR appliances valued at more than $5,000.

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