«I just made, but I’m still not enough:»

LYDIA Jordanian

The idea to open a hostel was born Lida in 2005, during a trip to St. Petersburg, but then she was only 17, and her parents treated the initiative with skepticism: «I did not expect that they would support me financially. Rather, I needed their experience: my mother more than 18 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Alas, they said to me it is too early to think about your own business. «

Lida continued her studies and get a job. In five years, it has evolved from a courier to the executive director of the travel agency and would forget about youthful dreams, because the post is guaranteed an excellent income. But Lida threw home place and plunged headlong into the work on their project.

To begin with, she found a building in the city center and, together with like-minded people to take his build: «It was a dry, smoky summer 2010. We thought that painting and whitewashing never end! Then I learned a lot about flooring, drywall and other joys of construction works. » At the same time she was preparing legal documents: the creation of the company, a bank account and forms of contracts.

After the opening of the hostel’s concerns have not diminished. During the first year Lida does not choose to work until midnight, but the communication with interesting people and visible results compensated for the physical fatigue. The point has been established. It’s time to relax? Certainly not!

«Even during the time of repair, I climbed into the hole in the ceiling to look at communication, and turned out to be a wonderful attic! -rasskazyvaet it. — I’ve decided to do is a cozy attic. » It was originally planned that it will spend time only customers, but liked the place, without exception, who got to the hostel. Then she thought, why not turn it into a tea. But this was not enough for her. Now there are master classes, lectures, film shows, tournaments, board games and an acoustic concert. Lida soon plans to launch open classes in foreign languages,

«I just can not stop — she admits. — A year and a half, I wanted to open a second hostel. » Unfortunately, he spent only 8 months — because of disagreements with the tenants had to close. «I am sure that I will be able to realize this project. simply elsewhere. This is my next goal. «

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