For quite a lot of time has passed since the release of the Norwegian symphonic black metallers Dimmu Borgir ‘In Sorte Diaboli’, and the fans are very likely already looking forward to the new release of this team. However, the video for the song "Gateways" is an immortal work of art, and, judging by the growing number of views on YouTube, is regularly reviewed. In this clip, in addition to, in fact, themselves Dimmu Borgir, you can watch the amazing spectacular aggressive blonde who bares his teeth, sparkling eyes and demonic voice echoes nechelovechim Shagrath. At that moment when I first saw this video, I was wondering — who is this mysterious infernal lady? And in the end I found it! The girl’s name Agneta KOLSRUD and she — not rising even, and only the real star of the Norwegian metal scene, known far not only to cooperate with Dimmu Borgir, but also as the frontwoman of the two groups — Animal Alpha (now defunct) and Djerv. I think it is not interesting to me alone to get acquainted with its rich inner world.

— Hi, Agnete! With his band Djerv you just returned from a tour of Germany. How was it?

«Hi! We had a wonderful time in Germany. We love it there the audience and the enthusiasm. In Germany, people are very polite, but they know how to take good music. We met a lot of people out there that we have seen at the festival Wacken."

— What is the concept lies in the work Djerv?

«My previous band Animal Alpha Group and my boyfriend Erlend Grende, Stonegard, collapsed at about the same time, so we came to the decision to create a new band together. We called guitarist Trelldom Stianu Karstadu to ask him if he wants to try to play something from our material — and he agreed. We wanted to bring in a new project all the best that was in our previous bands, well, do something fresh, of course, also «….

— Why split Animal Alpha? Judging from the video, occurring in the network, it was sufficiently «large» group in Norway …

«If relations within the group give a crack, then they went to hell. Excuse me, I usually swear only on stage … What I mean: there is no point in having to sleep with your ex if you are looking for something serious. It’s not going to work. For me, it has ceased to be serious, and so we had better go our separate ways. Animal Alpha have been so-called «creative crisis». We just wanted to do different things, and we felt it when we were on tour. «

— But it turned out that the Animal Alpha has remained virtually unnoticed by the Russian audience. What was the artist?

«I wanted to create a group of people who have played for a long time and would be true professionals in the game on their instruments. With people with whom I could write music. I place ads in the press Oslo and thus met a lot of strange people. Haha, in Oslo at all complete. So in the end I met one guy who had a few songs ready, but without vocals. I listened to them and something recorded. Since then we started. He met with several people, which he thought suited for our project — because of their musical tastes, and he knew that they really play well. In Oslo, full of rock bands, so for me it was very important to find serious people with experience. «

— And what is the main difference between Animal Alpha and Djerv?

«If you look at the material that was in our Animal Alpha, you will see that the music became darker and heavier, so for me it is a kind of natural development. In addition, Djerv everything is as it should be, if you remember where you came from and Erlend Stian. I love Animal Alpha, but it’s all in the past. I became more experienced. In addition, while my main outside influence was Mike Patton of Faith No More. It now remains for me the best singer of all time, but I also began to listen to more music and dark metal. If you only eat sweets, you start to get fat. If you eat only greens — begin to lose weight. «

— What is the main idea of ​​the debut album Djerv, with a group of the same name?

«There is not any particular idea. We just tried to write so much quality music as much as we can. We wanted to make an album of modern rock, without being attached to any particular genre or rules. Just take whatever we like from a variety of styles, and it is combined. We recorded the album in Oslo with producer Daniel Bergstrand (known for his work with Strapping Young Lad and Meshuggah) in two different studios. We hired Daniel only three weeks, so we had to work very quickly. Mixed by Matt Hyde (Monster Magnet, Slayer, No Doubt) in Los Angeles. We are very happy with this album, and I think compared to the EP that preceded it, we reached a rock sound. In general, the songs are still metal and hard, but were made with little manipulation of vocal and guitar sound made clearer. I think on the album we appear more sincere. «

— What are the themes of your lyrics usually come into contact?

«Well, there’s some special threads that I would write all the time, but usually the texts are small stories, which is set in a very brutal and dark surroundings or tough situations.»

— Now — that’s probably most interested in those who saw the clip "Gateways". How is it possible your cooperation with Dimmu Borgir? You probably know them before, because the music scene in Norway — a rather narrow circle …

«No, before that I was not familiar with them. With Shagrath met only a few weeks before it started cooperation. It turned out the way that he loves music Djerv. In general, then they called me and asked whether I was interested in the prospect to take part in the work of one of their songs. They sent me the source material, and I sketched out some of melody and harmony at home. Some of this we did then in the studio. I was very well prepared, so that it actually took quite a bit of time. It was all very interesting, and I also contributed to the creation of even a couple of songs from their album. Everything turned out wonderfully. «

— Have you been on tour with Dimmu?

«No, I did not go. Just this never happened. I think we are still quite far apart from each other. Djerv — a rock band. «

— How was shooting the video for the song "Gateways"?

«I flew to Berlin, he met over lunch with members of Dimmu Borgir and went to bed early. The next morning we got up at five in the morning and went to the industrial zone of the city. It was truly a great crew as if filmed a feature film. The work was very difficult and I was very impressed with the speed at which it works. I really rested when they are not on the set, so I unfortunately can not tell what was going on at this time, but I had to do a lot of interesting gimmicks — stand obuvshis in ski boots, attached to a wooden pole , hanging upside down, and so on. We are also very spectacular video filmed for the song Djerv ‘Headstone’. You certainly need to see this. Directed by Jorn Wehberg and Colin McFaul — the real professionals."

— Girl, you’re playing in the video, have a truly evil and otherworldly. In this character have any own history? Who is she?

«You mean video Dimmu Borgir or Djerv?"

— Borgir.

"Well, no one gave me any special instructions, when we were shooting "Gateways"But I wanted to act in the same manner in which I speak in Djerv, and I did it. Music just made me more evil in my way of self-expression, so that it all happened very naturally. But in the video for the song Djerv "Headstone" I know the story very well. I play a woman who kills people, embarked on her path. And after they were buried, she steals their tombs to really punish them. In the end, she makes a bed out of their graves. These people — as if her puppets. You should know one thing about me. In his texts, I never lose. I’m always the winner, no matter how deeply I was sucked quagmire. «

— What are your impressions of working with Dimmu Borgir?

«It is very positive. They — one of the coolest metal bands in the world, and I think they really worked hard to achieve this. I am impressed with what they have managed to achieve. «

— Now — a question that may seem unpleasant. We in the Russian people rather indifferent and not interested in such things, but in the English-speaking segment of the Internet for a long time cruised rumors that actually "Gateways" voice of the former party, Dimmu Borgir ICS Vortex and inviting you in the video was only a disguise that hides the truth. What do you think about that?

«What I can I say … I think it’s funny and very strange. I would not want to be rude, but it seems that these people — complete nihilists. I’m sure that Dimmu Borgir have any reason to say goodbye to the Vortex, Vortex or had some personal reasons. I do not care — they do not have to worry and no one else. It is their decision and their business. It is very strange that people think that it could be a Vortex. If you listen to something from the material that I did, being a party to the Animal Alpha, I think part with this ridiculous idea. I respect and understand those people who really love this former party and hope that he will return to the group. But in this situation, the truth does not even smell. «

— How did you come to the music world? What artists have influenced you?

«I started singing when I was ten years old, and began to work with groups at the age of seventeen, so I initially received classical vocal training, and is not really going to become a singer-metallistka. But over the years I had such a desire because heavy music surrounded me on all sides. Fundamentals of singing in a particular genre is actually the same. You need to know the technique of breathing. In addition, it is important to know what not to do. When I started to sing in groups, I began to compare with other singers, and for this reason I threw all albums with female vocals, which I had. No one should tell me that sound like this or that woman — because it’s common place in the music industry — a female singer to compare with the other singers. In saying this, I am aware that there are so many great singers, but I would like to see «some of them have become more courageous. But among my influences over the past fifteen years, I must say, is dominated by tough team. My favorite — Faith No More, Tomahawk, Gojira, Deftones, and the like. «

— In the questionnaire, under «education» you specify a special designer clothes. You do proektiruesh currently costumes?

«Yes, I am a clothing designer and a teacher in the same specialty. I occasionally do yourself outfits, but the music takes so much time that I do not really have the energy to deal with at once and both. When we started to play with the Animal Alpha, I just defended her master’s thesis. It was called «Rock and Rococo.» I like everything that is connected from the XVIII century. That, as did the noble lady — with their fanciful manner of communicating with each other, pretty stupid, hair and makeup. I studied their way of life, and I wanted to be someone like them. «

— In addition to the music you have some major work?

«Yes, from time to time, I work in a school where I give lessons in drawing and sewing.»

— What do you wish our readers and to all Russian metal fans?

«Thank you to read this interview — I hope you will find time to get acquainted with the work of our group. Anyone who knows Djerv — a tremendous thank you! «

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