Agni Yoga of spiritual and physical health

Agni Yoga of spiritual and physical health

Each body is predisposed to many diseases, but spiritual strength makes the development of such uprisings.

Aum 57


.. .Advised ancient believing his hand on the young cedar needle to penetrate through the condensed prana fingertips. There are many ways of receiving psychic energy of the vegetable kingdom, but the best should be considered an open heart, it knows when the line of endeavor. … As a magnet for well-known metals, and the heart receives grace. As a sponge absorbs the liquid, so the skin pores are gaining poison the Earth. But Prana consciously absorbed, calms the expiry of poisons.

«The disease of sin» — says Scripture. For example — a disease of the past and the present imperfections. We need to know how to begin to cure the disease. To the chagrin of all the doctors, the improvement will be the true prevention. One can understand that the improvement starts from the heart H has not only spatial meaning, but Mr. uzkomaternalnoe. Sometimes people have a spirit of savagery that they can exist only condemning each other. It does not inspect the armor in order to help, on the contrary, condemnation becomes the meaning of life. If you take this osuzhdatelya language, it will disappear, wither like a plant without water. This phenomenon can be disassembled from the medical point of view. You can see this kind of condemnation of vampirism obsession when you want to master the vital fluid, more active, to feed obsessor.

Do you know what is the best live fire protivozaraznym means, but the nature of fire is identical in all its forms. High occurrence of fire is the fire of the heart, then, this fire will be the best purifier and protector. Because instead of various dubious and often poisonous antiseptic drugs is better to have not only the fire of the hearth, but the lights and blow up the heart. You can see how the lights are struggling with severe heart disease. So, our modern doctors must, sooner or later, pay attention to all the state of the lights. Lai in the truth long known, is not a panacea to move the doctors .. It is instructive to make a book about the harms of bad thoughts, both for themselves and for others. These thoughts are the source of many diseases. Previously associated with bad thoughts just mental illness, but it’s time to see many of the most diverse physical illnesses generated by thoughts. Not only heart disease, but the majority of the stomach and skin diseases are the consequence of destructive thoughts. Likewise, infectious diseases can be transmitted not only predisposition but also through thinking. This will not only auto-suggestion, but you can see cases where the infection spread by one person to many. You can see how the physical effects are quite similar to the spiritual phenomena. At the same time seen as involuntarily some organisms are subject to certain infection without succumbing to it themselves. Already in ancient times knew of these carriers of infection, but once forgot about scientific knowledge, moved all the so-called evil eye.

So, even against a purely physical illnesses need to look for the cause as thought. So, gradually direct the thoughts of others for good. Already have an example of how to cause pain curses and swearing even at long distances. It is necessary to draw attention to tend to the heart of things. Especially those afflicted can act as though a little aura touched. So, you really pay attention to the very first impression of the people, when the heart can submit your sign. One can easily imagine how the distributors infection must be possessed, and therefore it is necessary so to avoid them.

Fatigue heart prompt rejection of animal food. This understanding of the Subtle World will indicate not only harm the absorption of rotten food, but show what neighbors decomposition attracts. Indeed, it is difficult to decide where the greatest harm from the absorption of meat or meat from attracting unwanted guests. Even the meat is dried and smoked, which is relatively less harmful, nevertheless, the smell attracts hungry Subtle World, and if at the same time to welcome them kaknmn something vile words, you get the most harmful community. As heard, many take food in silence or accompanied her worthy speeches. Of course, every rotting unacceptable, even vegetables must not be allowed to decay. People do not need a lot — two fruits, a little flour and milk. So it is possible not only to clean the inside, but to get rid of many of its neighbors. Should not the doctors studying measures to fight against cancer and gallstones in the liver, pay attention to the prevention of this primitive? After talking about the burning of incense and perfume, but there are some poisons Mr. incense and ubnvayut mind! And this study should not be forgotten. The issue of cleaning people and injuring people need medicine. Without solving this issue no naytn salvation many new diseases. We must not forget that diseases evolve together with races and ages. But our science writing is so young that it is impossible to talk about the comparative method. She knows only a few century, but where tens of thousands of years? We are all proud and forget about everything we do not know. But the heart knows the timing and even ignorant heart quivers from approaching the Fiery World.

People in vain do not pay attention to the effects of food during stimulation and excitement. Very strong poisons are formed by this unreasonable action. Many days must pass before dissolve the poison. We must remember that a lot of hunger useful than harmful food.

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