aikl Shannon sprawled comfortably in a large armchair in the lobby of New York’s Waldorf Astoria, with his feet in polished derby on the coffee table. He wore a three-piece suit, and today, it seems, is in a pensive mood. Born in Kentucky and now living in Brooklyn, 38-year-old Shannon became famous playing people who are trying to do the right thing, in spite of his inner demons (the latest example of the villain of this type — General Zod in the upcoming release of the film Superman «Chelovekiz Steel & gt; ■ Zack Snyder ).

When we start to talk, I understand that the famous Michael tension refers to him as a person to the same extent as to the character he plays. In his introspective manner to conduct conversation, there is something from the late Brando. Suddenly he asked me if I wanted to eat the cake, and the question is, if the actor bares his soul in front of me. «It is my image,» — he says, and when I take a cake, I do see a portrait of Shannon made the glaze to complete the form: beard, suit, a gun — all in place.

I say that this way seems much more real than the account in any social networks. Shannon replied that he did not understand what I’m talking about. Unless he does not have a Facebook or tweet Tera? «No! And this is a big firm «no», with lots of exclamation points — meets the actor carefully prointonirovav each of exclamation marks. — If you see someone calls himself Michael Shannon in the network, keep in mind that this is complete nonsense. I know that there are people who are trying to pretend that they are — that’s me. And it is very unpleasant. «

Even talking about nothing, Shannon shows the character — it is immediately clear that frivolous questions for him there. Approaching the fourth ten, he does not forget that success into his hands never sailed himself. Twenty years have passed since he first appeared on the big screen (as silly newlyweds in a «Dnesurka»), this time for nothing less than: in 2008 he put forward on «Oscar» for Best Actress family design drama Sam Mendes’ «Revolutionary Road.» After the release in 2010, the air HBO series lt; • Boardwalk Empire «Michael awareness increased many times.

«I am, above all, always be on the alert as soon as the chill, everything goes wrong at once, — says Shannon, when we remember his work. — My career sometimes made unexpected turns, and, frankly, I like it — I hope, then everything will be so. » Apparently, because of constant readiness for steep turns (albeit as welcome) and there is corporate power.

Small roles («Mad Cecil B.» John Waters, «Pearl Har-bor», «Vanilla Sky» and «8milya» — only a few points of a track record of Shannon) eventually worked: in 2007, Michael has played the main character «gunshot stories «. «Jeff Nichols had asked me to play him,» — says the actor. Clearly, this event will remain permanently in its memory.

«Man of Steel» — the first «superhero» film Shannon. But today’s superheroes rarely flaunted at the site in spectacular costumes. As he himself felt in strange attire,

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